Rainy Days and Happenings

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Well it’s a gray sort of a day..drizzles here & there..oddly enough I am also wearing gray..hehe.

Bryce got up late for school..this seems to be a huge problem…and I will have to crack down more. I always forgot how small our community is..but I realized yesterday at my Dj sew in that many of the names are names I recognize from the kids’ school friends. HELLO> I sew with many of the Grandmas of my kids classmates. It’s such a small town and I just space it all out. But I found out lots of good info to arm myself to watch my kids a bit more..which is really good. I also love that my kids realize I have “spies” everywhere. But in fear that I may not know everything my kids do behind my back..I am sometimes afraid if they have heard one of my kids’ names before..hehe. Oh well. Kids will be kids.

Raising these (4) boys is so hard at times. I do feel I have an open relationship with them…and they share WAY more than I want them too..in most cases. LOL But I am always freaking out that they are going to go down the wrong path because of their train of thought..or the things they say.  They worship people that I thnk they shouldn’t….and although they have been taught good moral values and I talk to them til I am blue in the face..they will still worship the Star football hero…or basketball star. Jesus doesn’t seem to be much on their radar…but I can’t be that parent who shoves it down their throat in a nagative manner because that won’t help..I can only lead by example.  They are involved in a youth group…with Godly men…so I keep praying about it. I am not a girl who watches any sports what-so-ever…but I have to say I am in LOVE in Tim Tebow because of the example he is setting in the NFL! ( and my boys) Honestly he needs more prayers..because it would be a horrible thing if he slid or fell off and made a horrible mistake to be ridiculed…or ripped apart by the haters ( he gets enough already!)

In my Neurotic Notebook there was a quote that I have been thinking about:

“The tragedy of heroes is that they leave the right road: the tragedy of the rest of us, that we never find it at all.”

This quote is so full of questions for me..I immediatly thought….who gets to determine what that right road is? Who is considered a hero? I wonder who she was talking about? Because in the media the right road is not what I would consider the right road…What society deems a hero is far different than my hero.  Of course Jesus would be number #1…there are plenty of people that I can see Jesus in ..and I would consider their acts heroic….and those traits needs to be celebrated. Like Tim Tebow..he is giving glory to God..for his talents and blessings…Those need to be celebrated…unfortunatly….that is not the reason my boys like him…I think. But at least it’s there. Sometimes people are attracted to other people..not really knowing why they are attracted..but because they see or feel something good and true….eventually it will be revealed….there is such a huge responsibilty for both people in this scenario to live up to their God given gifts..and to recognize them!  I just hope one day I will have four strong, healthy God fearing boys that will put up with all the ridicule and strife to defend God! That would be the most AMAZING, GLORIOUS and Wonderful life that I could pray for my children. I could care less if they were mechanics..paperboys or wealthy billionaires.  A relationship with our father is the highest value….

I just think about this so often..I am in the “thick” of parenting..I have more teens than little ones now…and now is when you see what type of adults they will be..their struggles…their strengths..you get a glimpse of little things to celebrate and scare you..LOL. These little insignificant days I will forget. I like to document these things..maybe 10-15 years down the road when I have grandkids..my kids can go back and read these insignificant blog entries and  realize my strengths, fears and human-ness that they don’t get to see on a daily basis ..because I am just their Mom. They don’t see all the dimensions of me…they see Mom… one dimension. One day they will want to know more. But for now these insignificant days in just one of many …drops in a bucket…and they just go by so fast. I can’t possibly get everything through to them for them to understand…how much I love them and want what’s best for them.

Well now I have to get to work…those kidlets will be home in a few hours and I need to accomplish something before that happens…so I can watch them like a hawk! LOL




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