Quilts for Carolyn

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I just realized I quilt for several women named Carolyn. :) Must be a popular name.

Anyhow Carolyn likes to send her quilts in batches. This was a group of 5. She always does a great job and she makes such interesting patterns. I love this light house/water themed one. Isn’t it lovely? I just adore the 3-D rope …so creative and artistic. IMG_4797 IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4800 IMG_4801

Several table toppers, and wall hangings…..I believe she sells these at quilt shows. Or she must gift them…either way beautiful! IMG_4803 IMG_4802 IMG_4804

I quilted this with holly, swirls, stipple and lots of outlining. This was early on you can see the fold lines..( sorry).

IMG_4796 w IMG_4794 IMG_4793

This one got a dose of all over feathers.

This last one is a dresden…I have quilted several dresdens for her..she does all of the satin stitching by herself..no embroidery program…she cuts them sews them on and they are perfect every time..lots of practice! I need to practice more. I took several designs from the fabric and mimicked them in the quilting…the circles within circles, loops, swirls ..it’s just soft and kind of winter themed. Beautiful Job! Thanks Carolyn it’s always a pleasure working with you! May God Bless and Keep you!  IMG_4812 IMG_4811 IMG_4810 IMG_4809 IMG_4808 IMG_4807 IMG_4806 IMG_4805

And  Pieced back..*heart*IMG_4813

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  1. Carolyn Mellott April 24, 2013 at 7:04 am - Reply

    You did a great job. I am inpressed as usual! thank you so much.

  2. Teresa June 2, 2013 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    Great work on all of them. Both of you did great work.

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