Quilting Meetings

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I am part of a small quilting group.  I like our small group because there are so many different types of people and types of quilters represented in our group. We have the art quilters, the scrap quilters, the long arm quilters, the precision quilters…and the dabblers. You know the ones who just try out everything. Each month one person volunteers to host the meeting … there is no “structure” to our meetings. Each person decides what we will do at the meetings..therfore each meeting is as different as the person. Which is really nice because we don’t have to conform to anything…we get something exciting each month and it is just plain fun. No business. Pure fun!

Well last night I was surpirsed to find out that we had a meeting. we were supposed to have a meeting last week and many couldn’t make it…so it was re-scheduled..I just didn’t get the email with the re-schedule date. My friend, Jeri stopped by to pick me up for the meeting. I was in sweats, no make-up and nothing packed and ready to go. NICE! So I had 30 minutes to get everything in gear! Jeri helped me print out some blocks for the mystery quilt ( That I am in charge of by default) ….and I got dressed and packed.  I really maybe would have cancelled because I feel so far behind in work…and thank goodness Jeri ( my daughter) and her friend, Kim made dinner for my family. But I am so glad I went. We had a 5 star gourmet meal. Kim ( my friend in the group..not Jeri’s friend who helped with dinner)( we have two Jeris in this story and two Kims..lol) was the host for this month and her housekeeper/friend made us about 10 appetizers, gourmet pasta and about 10 different types of dessert. He served us all individually..after setting up quite the display of china and fine linens. I think I need to jog 10 miles after eating last nights meal. However, we had a lovely time. The games were great..I won a few of them ..even better!   The next meeting is mine to host….I will by no means be able to top that….and I need to think about what I am going to do….but that’s ok..because there are no rules. thank goodness.


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