Quilt Show Part two…Saturday

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Ok So Saturday went so much smoother..all the kinks had been worked out and we had smooth sailing. First of all the kids made 400$ profit in the concessions for their youth group….so they were really excited. Me too! I was also happy we had most of the kids for the take down part of the show cause I was exhausted.

This year for the show we didn’t have many vendors…but we had several Make & take stations. On friday Clarissa had gone to each station and made all of the crafts….there was a really cute flower pin cushion, decorated flip-flops, hand sewen flowers ( all different kinds) a crocheted coaster and embroidery. I think those went well. then we had a few vendors..which were nice.

At my station I was demostrating the Innova and quilt planning ideas. But mostly I was talking about myself ( that sounds bad right?…but that’s cause I was asked about me…so I had to answer…hehe)

I think I was recieved well?? It’s hard to know.

But I have some things I was to share with you all my favorite quilts and favorites of others..Actually I don’t even know which quilt got best of show (people’s choice)? I better find out.

 Here is Clarissa with her quilt..it took first in the youth category! YAhoo!Carl…lack of smile..but he was actually excited..he placed first in the teen category.Bryce..he looks angry only cause I made him post for a picture next to his second place quilt..teenage boys aren’t excited to get pictures taken ..right? UGH!

He spent most of his concessin time flirting with a certain girl..and denying that he was flirting. So I am pretty sure you all know how special this quilt is to me. The spot of featured quilter may be a way for me to help myself…or only showcase my own work..but honestly I had to share everything. I think that’s true of myself anyway…I gave credit where credit is due..while hanging quilts Brianna and I decided that we wouldn’t hang a quilt behind this one so I could show the back of Creme Brulee. I think it’s a good thing..I was able to minister to people without “ministering” I was able to talk about how this quilting was dedicated to me…and how it is a reflection of me.  It was recieved very well. Without the help of everyone around me..I wouldn’t be lifted up or be successful. God has a way of bringing just the right people in our paths. Jane and I feel that way about eachother. I showed my pastor this quilt and he was “AMAZED” & said the beautiful thing is that Sunday’s message is actually titled “let’s go fishing” and he is talking about fishers of men. LOL LOVE THAT!

I also had to say “Thank You” to Cindi for asking me to be the featured quilter. I know she loves me..and I love her. But she has a way of gently pushing me..without shoving me and making me do things I woudn’t normally do..like exposing myself and putting my portfolio out there in one place for everyone to see. We came to the conclusion that our partnership only makes both of us successful. I really believe that…honestly team work is better than going at it alone.

Honestly…..it doesn’t seem the same posting everything on the computer..and talking to everyone in the world.   But sitting in my small town talking to the faces I know ( in my own community)..and putting my first quilt to my most recent quilt out there was really a vulnerable thing. But when I spoke with people I made sure to tell them that they would see my progression. a few times people would come back to me and say “I am so glad that you put some of your first ones out there….because it makes me feel like it’s possible to get better” Wow! Here I was thinking about myself and the ridicule that I would recieve..and really it helped me feel better…I am so thankful for those who said that to me..because it made it all feel worth it. I think I aways feel a bit second rate because (it’s just me and how I will always feel..it’s engrained)..but because I didn’t have a mother or a grandmother that sat me down and taught me how to sew..like so many others. I am really self taught…and I had so many mistakes and learning processes along the way. I learned the hard way..but I was determined to get it.

I will have another post later….Have a  great day!




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  1. lindy June 25, 2012 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    great show love the cross/wholecloth quilt actualy all the quilts are realy great. just thought id let you know got 2 off your scrap quilts done and started on the third one. im having lots off fun with them i think there going to look realy good.

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