Quilt Show Part Three

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This is the second time I am posting this cause the other one deleted….that frustrates me. {Like you wouldn’t believe…deep breaths…smile}

Ok So I wanted to show you some of my favorites from the quilt show. I don’t even know if any of my favorites placed…probably not because I tend to be outside of the norm. LOL I think I look at different things. I don’t know?

Virgina got some good pictures of a few I loved as well..better pictures than I took so I thought I would share...here.

I loved that lime green satin border on that wall hanging..and the embellished panel…stunning!

Then there was this one..I am a softie for applique..so I had to get pictures of this one:It was all appliqued by hand…beautiful.

This next one you can find the free pattern here.   I actually quilted this one. The owner didn’t do any of the applique or embroidery…so she asked to have fun and quilt different designs in each cream colored square. I think it’s pretty.

Thsi next one is a 30’s quilt. It has a wavy kind of scalloped border that I didn’t get a picture of…but what struck me is that it’s quilted in a way I would have probably quilted it myself..and i don’t know who the quilter is..hehe. I have never disliked 30’s..but they just haven’t been on my radar either…I think I nee dto add some to my stash…”oh darn..whatever will happen if I have to add more fabric to my stash?”I think it’s Wilma..she has converted me..I love her quilts.

This is a beautiful whole cloth. Gymnasium lighting doens’t do the pictures/quilt justice. It was all sewen by hand..and perfet tiny stitches. The funny thing about this quilt is when it was hung for the show..Connor (12) was helping..he is a new quilter. Said “Charisma I think we hung a quilt backwards” I walked over..he said “look the other fabric is really pretty.” HEHE. the back was a really pretty pink floral. So I had to explain to him what a whole-cloth quilt was and that teh cream colored fabric was actually the front. I got a chuckle out of that and thought it was cute. Then this next quilt actually has a nice story. It actually made me tear up. Still does actually.

Cindi the owner of the fabric patch happened to be in Portalnd when they were actioning off these wedding dress quilts. She has one at the shop that I am in love with…but I had never seen this one. The quilts were made by various guilds across America. the guilds were sent a box of donated wedding dresses. Then the completed quilts went on a tour of America for 5 years. At the end of the five years they would be auctioned off to benefit breast cancer.  Cindi just happened to be at the show where they were being auctioned off…she saw this one and was drawn to it. She didn’t know why..she just felt a need to own it..like it belonged to her. During the auction the auctioneer would give info about each quilt that made it’s way up to be auctioned…but when this quilt came up..they didn’t share the information..they didn’t know where it had come from or which guild made it. Cindi kept bidding on it…It got to be an amount that was pretty high…Brainna { her daughter} asked “How high are you willing to go?” Cinid said It’s mine, I will do what it takes. She won the quilt. She went up to write her check and get the quilt..she asked if there was a way to get info…then she turned the quilt over to see if it had a label…in fact it did. The label said it had been made by “Basin Piecemakers” Moses Lake, WA. Cindi started crying ..the lady asked her what was wrong…..

That guild is our local guild..those are her people.

Cindi went in right after that for her mamogram ( 2 months early) she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I told her God has a way of making sure each quilt finds it’s rightful owner. I believe that. when we pour so much of our hearts and soul into a quilt…well it means more than a blanket. So this was probably my most favorite quilt.


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  1. Lori S June 28, 2012 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    You certainly live in an area of many gifted quilters. What a fabulous show. I know you must still be in a state of recovering. Hope you have had a bit of down time.

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