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Sheila took me up on my offer Here. I still have some fabrics that I would like make into quilt-agahns if anyone else is interested….just so you know :). My Friend Courtney is making one for me as well..I can’t wait to see hers. She made hers from Vintage Modern fabrics…that I love! ISn’t this the most precious Christmas lap quilt-aghan you have ever seen? I just love the mix of fabrics and yarn….it just looks so cute! Its a mix of vinatge and modern…which I just love mixing. It’s goes with the whole theory of mixing modern fabrics in a traditional setting…you can be modern without being a minimalist. I struggle with what my style actually is ..only because I like every style..I honestly do.

But mixing styles..is kind of my favorite style.

Anyway Sheila is an avid crocheter…but she had a few troubles with this quilt…..I am not an avid crocheter..or knitter. I have no idea what type of yarns to use..or what stitches…I love so many things that are knitted or crocheted…I just can’t afford another hobby. I also don’t have time for another hobby. If I did I would have to take up scrapbooking again..only because my kids are getting older and I have so many pictures to scrap. I used to take pictures for everything…now I don’t. Maybe I will be able to catch up?:) someday.

But while I think about all I have to do this season I can cuddle up with this BEAUTY!


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