Prince Charming and a Herd of Turtles….

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The herd of turtles makes me think of Crush and Squirt from Nemo. I love the Nemo movie.

Carol sent us a HUGE box of quilts….some for me some for the boys…and we worked on them all weekend.

The Turtles is a pattern is by the Pacific rim Quilt Company and designed by Nancy Lee Chong. It’s a two fabric applique pattern….Carol added some borders and her Nephew’s name….. Isn’t it adorable? Great Quilt!


The baby quilt is called “My Kingdom for a Toad” ( I own this pattern too!) It’s a pattern by Linderella’s Design studio


How cute! the backing fabric..which I neglected to get a pictures of… bugs..cause toads eat bugs! Of course..totally makes sense!


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