Presents for ME!!!

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Well today has been an exciting day…I got lots of presents!

Remember my rule? It’s totally ok to bribe your long arm quilter. It doesn’t violate any kind of code.

Tisha sent me this:


Isn’t is so …so …ME? Perfect! Love it!


Then I got this from Wilma. Wilma spends time in Panama during winters..she bought several “molas” ( I think that’s what they are least that is what I heard) I wish you could see this up close. They are amazing. They are all hand sewn…in a reverse applique style..they layer the fabrics and then cut away and stitch…tiny stitches. She said the ladies don’t use patterns they just make up the patterns as they go and cut away…pretty amazing right?


Then Preston asked me if I was still on my diet…I kind of hmmd and hawd…then said “Not lately”..he said good I have a present for you..cause I know you love them…Awe! Isn’t that Sweet?


Then I got home.. I had a box with a special quilt in it..I will explain that in the next post….but Jane had sent me a little present…well it got crunched in the process of shippping…but I will let you all know that my quilt smelled really good! and I will just find another jar to put the candle in..YUMMY! Fresh Fluffy Towels!

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