Pinwheel Square Dance

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This is a quilt by Deb…you know she loves bright quilts…..The amish look with black backgrounds…..who doesn’t?

I went through that stage…..a few of my kids have quilts like these as well.

She requested square dance …I think it’s her fav!

Victoria actually quilted this one for me. She is my friend ( and Pastor’s wife) …she wants to supplement her income so she can stay home with her new baby. God has transformed her froma  career women to wanting to be a SAHM. Funny how that happens right?


Anyway…she is a perfectionist and I trained her so she could help out once in awhile.


Deb had no problems with letting her work on thsi quilt. Thanks Deb!

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  1. Deb in Japan September 12, 2012 at 5:38 am - Reply

    Lol! I do love black and bright. But usually just for boys quilts. I got this in the mail today and it looks fabulous. She did an amazing job on it. (not my best piecing)

    FYI! The next 3 quilts will be for little girls. Asian butterflies! Pink, purple and red. With cream or white.

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