Peppermint Stars

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IMG_4191Noni is a pretty fabulous quilter in my area. I met her while I worked at the shop. She is pretty prolific and always does amazing work..everything from needle turn applique and hand piecing to comfy baby quilts. IMG_4193

I have never quilted for her before because in our area there happens to be several LAQ’s…and when you have lots of quilting friends, travel in mostly quilting circles you meet a lot of people and you stay loyal to your friends. I get that.   I would never pressure anyone or ask anyone to bring me work. That’s not right or fair to anyone else. Most of my work comes from the internet and I am perfectly happy with that….Until the quilt show last year I think most people didn’t know I was a long arm quilter…or that I had moved beyond a basic stipple. SO word is getting out and slowly but surely I am getting local interest.  IMG_4192

Well Noni gave me this quilt top that she is using as a table cloth during the Christmas holidays. It was a test. A test to see if she liked my style, price and turn-around. I passed! YAY! Apparently this was a test for er quilting group as well…they are all waiting to see what it looks like as they discussed this before she called me.  I hope I passed everyone’s test and I get the seal of approval! I happen to love this quilt.IMG_4196 IMG_4195

I had so many ideas it was hard trying to decide on just one…but I got it and kept it within the theme. Curls, continuous curves, and lines. Perfect holiday addition!IMG_4194

Thanks so much Noni! It is nice working with you!IMG_4198 IMG_4197

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