Penny Notes Video Tutorial

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One of my favorite embroidery projects are my Penny Note journals. I offer 3 patterns ( as of now). Each of those 3 patterns offers 4 different embroidery designs that feature wool pennies. They are great gifts and fun to make because they go together pretty quickly. My youngest daughter just left for college and I sent one with her with a special quote on the back and a letter in the front. :) I also have kits listed in my ETSY shop for these Penny Note Journals. You can find my ETSY shop HERE.
I decided that I would show a video on how I construct those journals after we have done the stitching.

I used scraps for my tutorial and I also included some cute little designs includes in this free hand out for fun.

You can also use these designs in a 4 inch embroidery hoop if you prefer to some hoop work instead of the journals. Just a bit of fun! Please share your projects with me #charismascorner I love to see them. :)

Here is a link to my YouTube tutorial


I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Stitching!!

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