Pacific West Quilts Show part 1.second edition.

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This irritates me…I made this big long psot…and it only saved half of it..even after I asked for it to save the draft..I could just spit nails right now. LOL

So here are the pictures of my booth: So do you know which quilt brought in the most curiosity and people?  Freebird.

The quilt made from one piece of fabric that I loved and couldn’t cut ..I put borders on it and quilted it… my own special way. Then I would say there was a tie between Le Jardin and Cartwheels. Of course I always talked about Creme Brulee….because it’s so special and I love it. :)

So the plan was that I would just pin on customer quilts and quilt during the show. I thought this might be strange because I am at a show with’s a quilt show aimed at quilters. So what would make me stand out. Apparently… quilting. My booth was pretty much always busy. I heard others say that this was a slow show…..not many people. I always had people. But I also wasn’t selling anything…just myself and my services. But that was just a businesscard/flyer.

But I drew people in by them watching me. Do you want to know the number one question I recieved besides..can I look over your shoulder?

“Now the machine is programmed to make that design right?

Then I would say “No I am controlling the machine…I don’t ever use a computer..everything is freehand….otherwise I would not need to hold on to the would move by itself.”

Then they would say…

“But your movements are so precise….How do you do that?…How long did it take you to master the machine?”

I would always say…I do this everyday it’s my profession…then break out into intersting conversation.

I am amazed at how many people actually have not seen a long armer working. I guess I just take some things for granted.

But I have to say that taking a risk…makes you stronger. Despite the vulnerablity..I just kept praying and asking God to lead me. He would throw me times of comfort.

I was talking about my life, my business…and   quilting. A couple came into the booth…a christian couple ( yay! Another Brother and Sister!) and the husband said ” You have been the highlight of this show.” Wasn’t that sweet? I pray all the time that I will be a light …and for someone to say that? Well I felt at ease..that God brought me ..and all would be fine.   I know I was small fish in a big pond..and that my only brilliance comes from God. So I love how he always takes care of me and offers me bits of comfort along the way…big events or small.

The show was a success…not because I earned any money ( that was minimal) …but because I expanded…grew and relied on God. I have to do that everyday…but sometimes you can let your mind get filled with all the world and forget….who to rely on. What is important…and who we need. God. So the how was suceessful.

We do have a black cloud in our home.

My DH….days before the show he was trying to build me up…convince me. That I was a light…that I would be the darling of the quilt show. That I am worthy of this type of show. He tries to make everything as easy as pie for I can be successful and not worry or stress about things.  He is great that way. Rob is honestly my biggest cheerleader and protector. Nobody can say anything bad about me to him…he will defend me.

So all through the weekend…..I felt something was wrong but he wasn’t talking to me.

Friday night he found out his beloved Grandmother, Shirley…had passed. I was so sorry… The world lost an Amazing Women. She was so thoughtful, caring and took care of everyone around her. She was a survivor with a  strong soul and a gentle spirit. Honestly. They didn’t make anoyone like her. She had a great hand in raising Rob and he was close to her. He is a wreck. My DH doesn’t cry. He is a wreck. He was protecting not telling me..because he wanted me to be successful and stay focused.He knew I couldn’t. Honestly, I would have come much as I love him for being those wonderful things for me…I also love being his comfort and soft place for him to fall. I like taking care of him….and I am just so sorry for him to be alone.

So I just ask that you be with us during this hard time and pray. My husband is a pall bearer at her funeral on Friday…I need him to stay strong and focused. I will post more pictures from the show…as the week unfolds.

Many blessings











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  1. Deb in Japan August 27, 2012 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    Cool! Thanks for the eye candy.

    I bet you get lots of business from the cards and flyers you set out.


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