Pacific West Quilt Show Part 2

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You know while at the show I saw everything in bits and pieces because of the fact that I was a vendor.  I also had in mind that I wanted to take pictures to share…but you know really ( as we all know) it’s really such a personal/subjective thing.  We are all attracted to things in a different way. There were some quilts that I took a picture of the whole quilt..then there were pictures I took of a specific part of a quilt. Maybe there was a quilting idea…..or design element I liked..A color combination that spoke to me? You just never know what is going to strike you.This is a praying mantis. For those of you who follow my Dh and I on FB..we getinto some pretty funny “wars” on FB… “War of the Wits”…he is the funny dry one…and I am always the one trying to keep up. LOL Anwyay two weeks ago we had one about praying mantis…cause the females kill the males after mating…and well that is just to good to pass up. This quilt was funny because it actually had a saying quilted in the background talking about  drinking some microbrew. LOL I actually texted this to Rob as soon as I saw it. This was called the evolution of the pinwheel. I loved the use of color in drew me in right away. They were all solid fabrics.This is just a small piece (wall-hanging) and it just spoke to me every time I passed by…it looks like one of those fancy Amy Butler flowers…everything about this was just AMAZING!Love the use of color on this one….This was all thread play ( I believe) and AMAZING!There were several quilts that were aimed at an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. So it must have been some sort of guild challnge. Most of them were interpretations in an artistic style. This was the only one that was pretty literal…but I loved the quilting.

I would consider this more of an art type show. There were far more art type quilts than any other type of quilt. There was also alot of grief over which quilt won grand prize……Sharon Schambers won second……in my own personal (non-professional ) opinion..I thought she should have won…and so did 90% of everyone else at the show. I am not sure what all is taken into account so maybe there was something we couldn’t see? But the reason the grand champion got lots of guff is because right dead in the center ( around the center medallion) there was fabric bunching and pleats. This has actaully happened to me before ( in the back)…and I just sobbed and cried because I knew it would not be “show quality” I was devastated.  For it to be on the front in a noticeable places…on display for the world to see…and it got grand champion?…well lots were saying the show was bias.  I don’t know anything about anything or anything about nobody…….but the quilt was pretty…and maybe the judges didn’t see those while they were judging? I always tend to think the positive things about the situations…afterall we are all human….and things happen. Great job to the winner for setting aside mistakes and seeing the full beauty of her creation……you just never know what will happen. This is a good lesson to everyone that perfection doesn’t always win.This group of pictures is of Sharon’s quilt. Scalloped edges..lots of different textiles…and tiny quilting.Pretty STUNNING!

This is the grand champion:

well that will be enough for today..I have plenty more to share….I hope you get to see a bit of what I saw.

I have to get my kids up and going…..Blessings





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