OnaLee’s Cross

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So a few months back I posted a quilt here. This is my all time favorite quilt for obvious reasons.

The patetrn originally came from here. I contacted the owner of this pattern to show her what I had made…and she LOVED it! I told her she should make a quilting pattern. She said she wouldn’t even know where to begin because she has never quilted. AMAZING!


So when OnaLee contacted me to get the pattern I gave her the picture. She then asked me for the deatils I had used to complete the quilt . Then asked me if I would quilt hers the same way I quilted mine. OF course!

I have to say I never tire of this quilt. She did an amazing job completing the quilt and I like seeing the different color variations and interpretations.  Of course she sent me her personal scriptures to include in teh quilting so I did that as well.

Thanks ONALEE!

Thanks Be to Jesus!

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