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{My friend Danyel Posted this on my FB awhile ago and I saved it…Isn’t it great? She is so sweet!}

Ok so I decided to get in the mid set of ..”I AM” going to run a race…..I just want to accomplish that. Then my friend {Danyel} sent me a link to this


How can I not want my very first race to be “Run for the Son”? A run for Jesus? It was meant to be…..so this means I really need to get in gear..right? Thank goodness it’s a walk or run..so even if it takes me 60 minutes to walk 3 miles..I won’t feel bad right? LOL Well that would be pretty bad…so I am going to train and see if I can even jog 3 miles by June 2 without stopping. That will be my goal. just jog 3.1 miles…no matter what my time.  Any one in the area want to join me? I have a few friends joining me..but if any of you are available it’s 10$ & I would love to meet up!

This also means while I am on vacation ( quilt show in Kansas City)  I should work out since it is so close to race time ?? That  will take dedication right? So today I did get on the treadmill. I am starting out on my treadmill..I am a little self conscious outside yet..I am going to walk a bit tomorrow ..I also have Zumba.

My Couch to 5K app says you should start out three times a week so you get plenty of rest. I am actually going to start that on Monday…until then I am trying to build up to it. LOL It doesn’t make sense..but it does. I am scared.

Jeri had a  rough day today. She came home crying. Her boyfriend broke up with her. He was talking about going on a date with her this weekend. Well he has only been here one time…and we told her that there would be no dates until we felt like he earned our respect….. or until we feel like they are trust worthy. I just knew he didn’t have good intentions. I told her when this started if he was a good guy and really liked her he would put in the time with her parents. If he just wanted hanky-panky he would flee. That’s what he did. So I loved on her..her broken heart. Then I tried to make her laugh. Bryce came in and offered to beat him up for her. Very sweet…but not encouraged…by any means. LOL I feel bad for her because she just doesn’t get it…and she doesn’t understand people..men…anyone. Since she doesn’t form healthy attachments it always comes at her out of the blue. There isn’t much I can do other than love her.

This was youth group night..so many kids..and then they caused a bunch of noise and commotion on their way home (2 blocks). It is really driving me nuts…..How can high school kids not understand to be respectful and represent Jesus on their way home? So we told our kids if they can’t keep their friends under control they won’t be coming here. I hate being so strict…but clearly…it’s just not acceptable.

I feel like I have been getting so much done lately…caught up on quilts ( for the most part) and  feel like I can start working on some more of my own stuff. Possibly? I always say that and then 10 quilts arrive. LOL. I don’t want to complain because ..hey it’s work….blessings right?

Well my friend Courtney posted this on my Fb today..I think this is so ME! I LOVE it!

So today was a great day..I ate well..back on diet…and I feel good again…it sure makes a difference..it’s amazing! I stuck to salad and meat today. I have been reading up on the Paleo diet..I joined a forum too..it all makes so much sense to me…I haven’t taken the full leap yet. I need to transition slowly.

I hope you all are finding motivation..and health. I am struggling but feel I am getting there..slowly but surely.




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