Ok It’s been awhile..I know I am sorry

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Well I was called out last night by Virginia…

She left this comment on my blog yesterday:

“Hey Charisma…get off your ipad! What’d you quilt today?”


Sheesh! Can you believe she would  out me like that? You can’t let your friends know to much info or they will just blast it..LOL!Well it’s true I have not been spending much time at my desk..=no computer ..because I got my new IPAD which I am in love with. I get to browse all I want in the comfort of my studio, couch, chair, bed..whatever…I can’t really type out anything cause that would take forever..although I have been known to type out a huge email in the morning when I am cozy in bed..LOL being lazy.

The big news in our house is that JERI my oldest..daughter ..has a B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D. I had a few days of shock. Of course she didn’t tell me/us. we had to find out from spies in town. LOL I love living in a small town..although we don’t know everyone ..we know enough..then I spent a couple days doing my own research to find out about him and his family….that is the other great thing..if you don’t know them you are bound to know someone who does.

Here is the thing about my daughter she has R.A.D. We are raising her and we didn’t get her diagnosis until after years of frustration and many doctors….finally we went to a specialist in Seattle..and it made a world of difference..not in her behavior but the ways in which we react. So it is always risky to have people around without them understanding RAD. Most people just think we are crazy and mean until they are around her for any significant amount of time. She is a great gal…but she needs to believe it herself..and she doesn’t form healthy relationships with people. It’s going to be a long hard road for her as an adult.

Her having a boyfriend is very stressful.

But at the same time she is 17 and I can’t control everything she is going to be 18 and leave the house for college..I need to teach her about relationships before she leaves…..but at the same time protecting all parties involved. This is not easy. A few sleepless nights this week. So I came up with a plan ..and Rob approved. This boy can come to our house for visits. No group dates, no one on one dates. No visits at his house. So if he wants to date our daughter he will have to put in the time to get to know all of us…invest inour whole family and prove to us that he is worthy of dating our daughter. This will be two fold..one if he is a bad boy he won’t stick around to prove anything to us….it will get old real fast. Second we can minister to him as well….because it doesn’t really work with our daughter. Slim chance..I know..but I just PRAY over and over that something will work. He is supposed tobe coming over today..she has been nervous all morning. UGH!


Other than that….I am working slowly but surely to get things done..baking muffins for the church….cleaning..packing quilts….and quilting.

Oh I have shared many times how I am a hopeless romantic…and I can watch movies and listen to songs I love 10000 times and never tire of them..I mean I have been on a Michael buble kick for YEARS..LOL and I just lvoe that GUY!  My New love recently is BRUNO MARS.

I mean that guy just sings to my heart..right?

I had this image of him in  my mind..and I finally looked him up today just to see what he looked like…because I have been afraid to…I like my image better…my DH will just kill me..but I pictured him as this tall, black man with short hair…white teeth and beautiful brown eyes…..belting out love songs to me……My husband is a tall WHITE-WHITE guy ( german genes) ..green eyes…equally as handsome..but gets a bit inmtimitaded when I talk about my infatuations with song writers/singers ..who talk about their hearts and the women they love! AWE!  It is really mroe about what they are saying that just makes your heart melt…right? I try to tell my boys if they learn to talk like that they will get all the girls..they tell me they will get beat up…LOL. I guess they need to decide.


My Husband decided one time to serenade me…he is such a goofball..but it makes me laugh. I was folding laundry in our bedroom one day and I heard this tapping at the window…so I went over..and he had the kids baseball bat to tap on the window..so I opened it up to his rendition of “Mi Amore”…kind of makes you smile no matter how he botched it?? Right? It was his funny antics while  he was singing it that really had me..LOL. Oh well…That’s the best serneade I will ever get and laughter is really the best therapy isn’t it?

Have a blessed day!





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