OK …I think I have a few minutes

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Maybe, I have to take Clarissa to Ballet soon. She is kind of in trouble.

She got a note sent home today from her teacher. Clarissa got in trouble today for talking to much. I am unsure what to really do. I have never really had a kid get in trouble in class like that? So we will have to address it. She isn’t as studious as I would like her to be…and kind of struggling with it.

I had this great sermon from Sunday…each sunday we are dissecting a piece from the Lord’s Prayer. This last week was “Give us this day our daily bread” Of course he gives the sermon about how we are not supposed to worry…because God always meets our needs. I struggle with worry. The funny thing is our Pastor kind of has an accent …and it kept sounding like we was saying “weary”…and I kept thinking “yeah I am weary from worry” LOL….

He gave examples in his own life of how God has provided his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. How God values our physical bodies because he provides what our physical bodies need. He made us in his own image…and that he wouldn’t have inhabited a body if he didn’t feel our physical  bodies were not important.

I kept thinking about how I need to value my physical body more…..or I won’t have it as long as I should.

I have been kind of struggling spiritually lately…and I think it is because I have been putting other things before reading God’s word…so I am making the commitment to start reading again….I am sure once I do that my spiritual needs will revive.

Emotionally..well I have been feeling so great lately knowing God is working in my life. I am so grateful for all he has done for me..and he provides me everything I need everyday. I have been worried about work for 1.5 years now..LOL. It seems so silly right? But when you are self employed you wonder if it will keep coming….so much relies on whether i can stand in front of that machine..then when the work comes..I worry if I will be able to enhance everything the way in which the owner would like….then I ship it off and hope it arrives safely….I WORRY way to much!  So I am going to quit doing that. I need to just trust…he shouldn’t be tested…and even if it was a test to get me to trust him..for 34 years he has not let me down..so I think it’s well enough time for me to just submit ..I don’t have any control anyway. No matter how much I WANT to think I have control. SO Rob and I have had such a huge blessing and I thought during the sermon that we would have a good testimony..but I always hold back. Plus I am not sure I should share because people just get funny about things ( I am not pregnant) ..I whispered to Rob…and  he said “really Charisma, Our whole marriage is a testimony..everything we have needed at critical times God has provided”….It’s so true.  I mean EVERYTHING> It all comes from God and he does provide exactly what we need…always in unexpected ways.

So again…expect the unexpected..that needs to be my life motto.

Another bit of a funny. Cindi’s son ( my friend and LQS owner), Jared. He has a funny streak and he is always trying to pull a funny on me..I think I am an easy target. He found a Victoria Secrets Catalog and wanted to gift it to the boys..knowing I would not allow that. So he wrapped it up in a brown paper bag..and dropped it off at the high school with instructions for the office to call Bryce for the catalog. I could just scream! LOL

So I have a little trick up my sleeve for Jared..when he least exects it..I have already thought it out..mission is in progress.  Let’s just say it will all “Depend” on perfect timing.

Oh it’s ballet time…I hope you all have a great day!


Oh and this is day two of organic veggies and meat….I am holding on strong..still having a bit of diet soda…otherwise those sugar cravings will take over…maybe after I adjust I can give up diet soda?









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