Oh Christmas Tree….Oh Sparkly Christmas Tree

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Well I finally finished this poor tree. I started it probably 4-5 years ago…I got all the blocks finished and the center..then it sat in a tub for years…then I decided to put borders on about 2 years ago…I bought backing and it continued to sit in a tub.

I pulled it out the other day and thought..”it’s small enough I can totally get this done.”  I have two frames..and with the boys not having many jobs right now..I can pin on one of my on the small frame ..while I work on the other. SO it’s nice..late at night when I shouldn’t work on other’s quilts..I can work on my own..so then I feel a bit more accomplished.  Gotta feed our soul right?

Every fabric in this quilt has  metallic gold incorporated into the pattern ( Even the back)…so I quilted with gold metallic thread..can we say SPARKLY?? WOW! I wish pictures could capture that…because it is so pretty! Of course you all know I am a glitter lover…so this is right up my alley!

This is a pattern by Jodi Barrows. It uses her square in a square ruler..and it makes every single block come out absolutely perfect everytime! It’s fast and easy….I have made it in all different sizes from miniature to this big size. Since buying that ruler I have never done S-N-S any other way. I am not a ruler queen….I know other people are…in fact I have a few and I have never touched them…I tend to stick with my good ole 6 by 24. But every now and again I get suckered into some great ruler/technique and then forget what it does by the time I get home. So maybe one day I will put those to use…Anyway Jodi barrows ruler..in my opinion a MUST have.  It’s easy, great instructions and useful for many techniques.

Getting back to my “Sparkly Tree” when Beth binds it I think I am going to make some tags to hang off the gifts..3-D style with my families names on them….That way it will be personalized. We will just attch those by hand.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Teresa S. Lowery February 3, 2012 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Oh C, I love this tree..it is so pretty. Girl you so rule..lol

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