Northwest Quilt Expo …the next edition

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well I wanted to share some pictures of some more quilts from the show. I took pictures of lots….I don’t know how many were entered but LOTS…in fact I couldn’t see them all in one day. I only get a few minutes here and there. I usually arrive an hour early before the show starts…so I like to look a little before I start preparing for my day.  There was inspiration every where. From colors, to stories , fabrics and challenges. There was something for everyone..and plenty of vendors. They had everything arranged so that the quilt exhibit was amung the vendors instead of separated …which I felt was kind of nice.


This reminded me of those still life’s I had to paint or draw in art class…..Loved the intricate quilting. Just beautiful. We can all find beauty in ordinary everyday things. I wonder if this is a special resting place for the quilt maker? I talked with the owner of this quilt…..loved the crayon painting on the fence. Nice touch.This had “Material Obsession” written all voer it. Kathy from MO has made several of these type of quilts…and the amazing flowers. It’s on my list. For sure. This I think was part of the “Peter Pan” challenge. It looks like something I would make…it speaks to me…so whimsy and adorable..all of my colors.  Never to much blong…right?I don’t think I have ever made a landscape quilt…..but they always seem to catch my eye at shows.There were two of these patterns side by side is far different fabrics….here is the second one:I passed by this 100 times….no ribbons….but I thought it should have had one. It’s amazing!Thread play….AMAZING!All solid fabrics…2 years ago I would have never considered a solid color fabric..much less a whole quilt…but this struck me…..this last year solid colors are all the rage…now I love them. What is wrong with me? I already like to many things.Look at the quilting on this?More thread play. This is piecing and thread play…amazing right? This is an abstract piece that I loved. I would hang this in my house if it were mine. Green has never been my “go-to” color …I mean I like green..I use it all the time in almost everything…but I don’t think it has ever been the color I “showcase”…..this just popped out at me. This is only a few of what I took. I will do another edition in a few days. :)





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  1. Annette September 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    thank you so much C….i rarely get to go to shows so this is so much fun and inspiring.

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