Northwest Quilt Expo Part 1

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Well I really hope this time around it goes better. when I tried to post pics of the Pacific West show..I had nothing but troubles..everything looks good now….should be no troubles with the blog. LOL

I have to say this show was the best so far..I mean the facility and the staff was so nice..they let us have food and beverages in our booths. When you work by yourself that is kind of nice…just to have a drink ( water…lol) when you need one.  They were all very nice. The quilts as well, were a wide range. I think there were several guilds involved…The Portland Modern quilt guild being one of them..the rest I am not sure of their neames. I could see there were several challenges…..Peter Pan was a theme, farmers wife quilt, there were color challenges…and several more. There was a wide range of quilts from artistic type to regular patchwork….I like those shows best because there is lots of variety.

So first the booths:

I bought some new banners and signs….so people would know why I was there and who I was. Makes sense right? The next booth is Boersma’s. They are new to the Innova….so I loaned them quilts to decorate their booth because they need quilts quilted on Innovas so they can be genuine. In trade I don’t have to haul a trailer to the show..they supply a machine to my booth…nice right?This time I loaned them my Poppy quilt. This usually hangs in my living room.The Creme Brulee that Jane quilted ( yes she quilted it on an INNOVA!) …A nice woman came to my booth after she saw the Creme Brulee just to tell me how much she loved it! I explained the true meaining behind the quilting..such a beautiful inspiration! Tis the season is also hanging in the corner…I guess it got lots of questions & interest as well.

Here are some pictures I took right off hand of quilts I kept walking past while setting up:This was right across from my booth…that bench wasn’t ever really used?…I think we were all to busy being inspired. Aren’t the colors and applique amazing?Great use of fabrics.The pattern and use of colors & fabrics is just amazing!I thought of my Friend Sabrina right away…This is called Dutch Treat. Sabrina is Dutch… she has dreamed of this quilt.This quilt was ADORABLE! All different polka dots prints in the lots of collecting on the owners part before process began. Love the use of color as well. I passed by this several times and loved it more and more each time.Farmers wife……This quilt has captured everyone hasn’t it? I was trying to get pictures of colors ways and quilting. I have to say I really like the all over baptist fans….it just seems right. Doesn’t it?

I will share more tomorrow…..Lots of pics.





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