North Central WA quilt….first edition

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Well I have been finishing up projects…BUT…Beth my binder..and I trade labor. She LOVES to hand bind. I think she is crazy..LOL. But she loves it and she is good at it. So I give her all my binding work in trade for quilting for her. Honestly she doesn’t make many quilts…so I OWE her. But I try to buy her lunch when we get together..I give her stash and whatever else to make up the difference..ANYTHING to make my binder happy…I never want to make her un-happy. LOL

But she made two of these quilts this year.

It is a local pattern… is called “North Central WA quilt” it was a Shop hop quilt when it was released and now it is so popular in our area..My LQS made the pattern and they have a BOM to make it.
Beth made one for herself and her sister.

This is the first one..I have her other one on the frame.

I love all the details and the fun of quilting these types of projects. The problem for me is that …I know what the original looks like and most of the time when I quilt this the people want it to look exactly like the original..Beth gives me freedom. So I quilted it very similar to the original but did change a few things to personalize it.

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