Noah’s Ark

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Mike found me on instagram and asked me to quilt this quilt for him. He made it for his mom for a Christmas gift. We had never worked together before…and we chatted a few times back and forth.

He made this without a pattern. He looked at some pictures and used his own imagination ect. The hundreds of batiks and shapes he needed to make this is UTTERLY AMAZING!!

I was NERVOUS working with him for the first time on such a special project. What if he was disappointed?  What if he doesn’t like my style?  His only request of me was to add feathers. he liked my feathers and wanted those in the borders. The rest of it I could do what I felt was right.

I wanted to use 2 layers of batting. It’s a wall hanging and it helps with the quilting details. I used a monofilament thread to blend in.

I was so proud of this collaboration.  I was praying that he loved it because I didn’t get much time to start it it while it was finished. It had to be over-nighted back to him so he could finish it off in time for Christmas. If he didn’t like it …there was going to be nothing I could do before the holiday.  Turns out… he loves it! Do does his mom. :)

I just stayed true to my style of breaking up textures, keeping things organic with the feel of the quilt and I even doubted myself a little along the way….but in the end I was happy with my choices of designs.  I immediately knew in the rainbow I could choose a different design for each strip of the rainbow…That is one of my favorite parts.  *LOVE*

Here’s the back:

All of that stitchy goodness.

Thanks Mike! I am glad we are now friends!

Blessings to all of you who are following along!


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