Night before NWQE

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Well tomorrow I leave for Northwest quilt Exop in Portland, OR. I will have my own booth again…for any of you going to the show…please stop by and say HI! I love meeting new people.

I have everything packed ( I think) and I leave early in the morning. I have to say I always get a bit of anxiety leaving home. I know it’s always fine…and I need to leave….it’s a great chance to get away and see lots of inspiration. But I genuinely miss my family. I hate being away from them..especially Rob…I get homesick even on a little weekend. LOL Haiti will seem like an eternity…but again God is first. It took me 10 years to call Ephrata “HOME” …I hated it here at first…now I can call it home…comfortably.

Now that I can spot out when my blog is acting up..YAHOO! I am sure the many pics I take will make it to my blog…the last show…well I got a few pics up. But after I spent an hour on 3 differnet occasions trying to put up the part 3 of the last show I gave up. LOL

We had a long family discussion tonight…Rob kept trying to balance it and veer it off the danger zone…LOL. I need to learn some more editing techniques …dealing with these teens is difficult. But it seems the more we talk to them ..on their own they have many of the same concerns like they feel they aren’t being heard……so I thought if we could have an open discussion maybe they could all recognize that they have a lot of the same feelings as one another…so either we are just horrible parents and we neglect them in all the same ways…or maybe they are just going through a difficult time in their growth process and these are normal feelings. They didn’t get that. When does their brain start to link things? They think we are just torturing them for no reason. LOL

It also ended up in a place I didn’t expect it to be… Cole is starting to get to the boiling point …the 4th one inline….I see it coming and I wonder if I have enough. ( everything)

Preston and Cole have home games this weekend..which I will miss….UGH! Another bad mark against me.┬áBut I just do the best I can.

Other than that …I will be taking pics for intagram while I am gone….you can get them on FB as well…Charisma Horton

…Have a beautiful week! I will see ya Sunday!


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