New Blog Design…YAY!

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Hi Friends!

Well I had searched and searched to find the perfect blog designer ( it took me months and hours and hours..honestly) …Honestly, I had contacted several people…I looked through many portfolios..and I struggled. I didn’t want something “bubble-gummy”..I mean I clearly love bubble gum style…but I wanted something that would really be representative of me..that really captures all of me. I looked at modern…but that seemed to simple  for me…I am more complex..right? lol. I stumbled across Karen’s web designs and fell in LOVE. Romance, Shabby-Chic, victorian, it’s all me… I looked at every single blog she had in her porfolio and I loved all of them. I knew I wanted to work with her. She however doesn’t work with wordpress blogs. After a few interactions..I just had faith all of this would work out..Michael, my host and computer savvy tech friend thought he could transfer the designs over..and he did. I am just so pleased with everything and it just suits me perfectly..don’t you think? My romantic  self..the pink ..the flourishy..swirls and the background is the actually the back of my “Le Jardin” quilt…so it’s me..all a reflection of me & my work.  I was really concerned I have to say….just in general. That whomever I hired to design my blog may not get me…being a designer artist myself..I think that is difficult to please. Although, I think I am pretty easy going..I wanted my blog to be “ME” and my intuition told me Karen could do that for me..and I am so glad I didn’t just go with someone/anyone to get it done and I waited it out until I found the perfect designer. It all went smoothly and I think she was very afforadable…. So a big SHOUT-OUT to Karen & Michael for me! YAY!

So now you can all have a grab button..if you like..and I will have to get better about Twitter, FB and pinterest..LOL Cause there are buttons for all of them. YAY! :) I also have new business cards coming to reflect the same images…YAY!

I will have some great pictures to post today of latest quilts..It’s been a busy week. The kids are going to sell food at the quils show as a youth group fundraiser..I drove an hour to get to Costco last night…spent an hour shopping, loaded our carts with everything..realized I didn’t have my checkbook or debit card..only a credit card..Costco doesn’t accept anything except American Express. I don’t have that. I felt terrible..because they had to put away 500$ worth of products ( I had the youth group stuff and my own cart full) closing time of course. I know they could have just killed me!..I felt bad..but I had to drive another hour home..without any groceries and now I will have to figure out a way to make all of this work for the youth group anyway. When I have so much on my plate already I don’t have any more nights available…LOL. These things always work themseleves out right…I just kind of had to kids were shrugging because I think this is always how it goes..right? I bought them Taco Bell..and made it all good. LOL. They had to spend two hours in the car and Taco Bell makes them happy. LOL we don’t have many Fast food places where we that’s a treat. Honestly.  Kind of funny.

So I will go finish up some things and post pics…Have a great day! Tomorrow is set up for quilt show…and then 2 days of quilt show bliss..LOL







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