Nazarene District Assembly

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Rob is on the church board so he was one of the people that was able to go to District assembly.  We didn’t really know what we were doing or why we were going. We just wanted to do what we are called to do. So I went with Rob because he likes me to support him. I am glad I went.

I have to admit that I got 3 hours of sleep the night before we left and when we arrived all of the conference was the “business” of the church and elections. Snoozer. I would have really loved to have some caffeine  …but they didn’t have any espresso ( I only drink espresso coffee) and I am fasting soda for 40 days because our Pastor asked us to give up something. Of course I am tested….in dire circumstances. ( haha)

Anyway..we made it through. We ate really well during these past couple of days as well. They have so many good places to dine we probably all weight an extra 10 pounds from 2 days of eating. We even tried deep fried pickles….it’s a first for us and they weren’t bad…but I can probably live without them. hehe

Yesterday was AMAZING! The whole day was a day of missions. Updates from missionaries I have met..many I have not. Missions all over the world. But the other nice thing is that over half the people that were on my mission trip were at this conference. Pretty exciting to see those people again…and catch up.

We heard from a man, Dr. Fili Chambo from Africa. He had a very thick accent, powerful voice and an even more powerful message. Honestly, I could  have listened to him all day. I heard two different speeches given by him. I was moved by both.

I will share a bit from him…..

Fili comes from a line of preachers. His grandparents were preachers and so are his parents. Some missionaries from America went to Africa in the 60’s and shared the good news. The news spread from one province to 3 (out of 10). Then a new leader was elected and stopped all “Jesus talk” for 17 years. This is the time that Fili was growing up.  Fili grew up without a father because his father was imprisoned for continuing to talk about Jesus. For many years. Fili and his family decided to keep up the works outside of the prison walls…while his father worked inside the prison. They worked underground..and when they couldn’t work underground he said “we prayed”. He explained the power of prayer. Missionaries still came..not as freely ..but they did. They needed the “beautiful feet” that’s how he referred to missionaries. He spoke of the profound effect of them…what Good news they brought and how people knew God loved them because of it.   In a land of no Hope…Jesus Christ brings HOPE. We can all live when we have HOPE. When Dr.Fili’s father got our of Prison 17 years later..when the law had changed and Jesus talk was free again…the Good News had spread from those 3 provinces to all ten! What Good News that is!

Dr. Fili speaks of his call and how he didn’t want it. But God wouldn’t stop until he gave in. Then he speaks now of leading his people. HE has a fellow Pastor that was also acting as a missionary. He went into a dangerous part of Africa( he wouldn’t share names) and took a friend that was from that particular area so he might have a better way of understanding and working. When the locals discovered that their own had converted to a Christ Believer they killed him. Then they put this other man in prison for a length of time. While in prison he was still working for Jesus. By the grace of God he was released. He was forever changed…and his own thought he may have gone a bit crazy..not thinking normal ect. But after a few months he did acclimate back into his normal routine and society and eventually became himself again.

He went back to that same country alone. Dr. Fili told him he shouldn’t go. None of his Christian Brothers and sisters would blame him..and he is unsure of sending him back to such a dangerous place. His friend said “I don’t care what you think…I work for Jesus and he is telling me to go back” He did go back. God is working.

How many of us pray for these people? How many of us would risk our lives? I have to tell you that I get upset if the air conditioner breaks down at church…and yet my life isn’t on the line.  I honestly don’t think that we all have to have extreme situations..God gives us all gifts and he places us right where he wants us. HE meets us where we are.

While sitting there I was thinking what can I do? Rob worked out his own ministry. He has a busy work schedule and he had to choose something that he knew he could manage…while working 60 hours a week in the summer….SO he is going to fill backpacks with school supplies and donate them to needy kids in our neighborhood. So he is doing a school supply drive.

Missions is very close to my heart as you all know…so I am sponsoring another missionary to Haiti. One of my friends from church signed up to go to Haiti in August….I am not ready to go to Haiti or another mission yet. One of my mission leaders was trying to talk me into going to Honduras this July…..and there is a group going to Cuba as well. But I just can’t…..God is not laying it on my heart at this time. So I am going to raffle off another quilt, also a free Long arm quilt job…and I will be selling some quilts. I am going to send someone from my church to go…that way I can see the impact of the trip (that’s the selfish part)..but I also hope and pray it changes someone’s life that may have never had that opportunity before.

I just want to thank you all for your support and love! If any of you have some old quilt tops laying around that you are willing to donate….I would quilt them up and donate them for mission funds, or finished items that you are willing to donate..I will guarantee that 100% of the funds will go to mission work.

Thanks so much!



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