Nature Walk….

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This is a Thimbleberries pattern called “Nature Walk” t link is found the here you will have to scroll down to the one that says nature walk . I couldn’t get it any bigger sorry. This is it…..different right?


First of all I changed the colors….I had to make them with all different “Charisma” type colors..cause that’s what speaks to me.

I also changed a few blocks and swapped a block out for another. So really this pattern was just a guideline for me. LOL. I probably wouldn’t have made it but it was a quilt group project..and we all made it. We are going to get pictures of everyobody’s when they are all complete. It will be great to see. Nobody had the same style or fabrics.

So you can see I changed my trees…..they aer no longer trees..I eliminated the trunks..put them upside down and made flowers.In specific areas I went in with a colorful variegated thread and made embellishments……so I could make them part of the quilt. I also changed this block. It was one huge flower…I made those tulip type cups around the center flower….which I really love…because it just came together so well…and a different quilting option was created. I also put in this pickledish flower. It was made for me by one of my quilting group girls for my birthday block last year..and I thought it added some bold interest for this quilt….kind of goes…but kind of stands out. I kind of like it when something seems a bit bold or wrong. Can you see the clam shells in the border? I used my loricle boards to make that a custom design…love the clam shell verisatile.

I also signed it pretty big…in an upfront location…but I doubt anyone will see it unless they are examining the quilt…which I love to do.


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