My Very Own Cartwheels

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Well you all remember “Cartwheels”  right?

Well now I have my very own Cartwheels quilt. Laura is a fabulous piecer. We made a trading deal…which I am very glad worked out well for both of us! I sent her some of my sacred Amy stash…and this is the worth it! honestly it took me hours to decide which combinations and fabrics to send…I kept chaning my mind…then I would think “oh to much green” or to muted or …whatever the reasons..finally I just chose my favorite combos regardless of what the over all quilt would look like..& now I see it all and I love it!

I have no idea how I am going to qult it yet…if I should quilt it like the last one… change it up…Still thinking. Whatever I do it will have to have motion.

That is a must for this quilt.

Thanks so much Laura!


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