My Regular Day

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I got this idea from another blogger via pinterest. I thought it would be fun to save for a day while I wasn’t having a “normal” day or doing any of my “normal” activities. I am just sure that I will be re-visiting my normal activities in my mind…..while I share in new adventures with people across the world.

 I am listening to:

Pandora~ Bruno Mars radio I really Heart Bruno…..well his music anyway.

I am eating:

Carrot cake and Tomato bisque soup from Safeway deli. I had to run to the grocery store for a few items and today is a soup kind of a day.

I am drinking:

Diet Dr. thunder and ice water. I always have a glass of ice water with me…it’s a security thing. I don’t know why. Haiti will be rough for fresh clean water..I am sure I will be missing it lots.   Please drink some for me.

I am wearing:

Sweats. LOL I wish I were more glamorous. But I am tennis shoes, sweats and my Dh’s big bulky hoodie. It’s comfy and I haven’t been feeling well lately. I think it annoys him when I steal his clothes….but it makes me feel comfortable…so I am sure he will forgive me. ( Love you Honey!)

I am Feeling:

Better than yesterday( I was sick yesterday..still am but feel a bit better). Peaceful with today.

The weather today:

is GRAY. It’s drizzly, cold, crisp and plain gray. Fall weather is upon us. For sure.

I am wanting:

To avoid work…..and cuddle with a  good book and a quilt.


nothing. But an open heart and to be surrounded by people I love.


About work and how much I should  be getting done. Thinking about avoidance.


Time, texting my Dh,  The fact that half my Christmas shopping is done, my mission suitcases are almost finished being packed, my family, my friends, my church, comfy-cozy home, and that dinner is prepared.


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