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Ok well I had this great post to write about my mission last night…but as you know ( from an earlier post) that I had a change in plans.

So here is what I know so far….My mission site in Haiti will be Chemin Desgrange….it’s very close to Port de Paix..which has a very nice beach for swimming ( like we will be doing that much? LOL)…it should be beautiful even if we don’t get to enjoy it in a vacation sort of way.  They need a church painted, pews built….a chicken coop and for us to start a community garden so they can have some sort of sustainable agricultural resources they can run on their own. I love this!

It all seems like something I can do…LOL I was kind of wrorried. I don’t know why?

Rob found an article for me…the perfect one. ( I was going to share it and now I can’t find it..and he isn’t here..LOL) A gal talking about her Nazarene mission trip to the same village. (I shed a few tears  actually)…I am so emotional already and I don’t even know what kind of transformation my heart will take…but I am looking forward to it. I know it’s not about me. But I already have more peace just knowing where I am going and what I will be doing. I know it’s subject to change…but for some reason I have more peace. So I hope you don’t mind me writing about my progress here…from the time I thought about going until now, it’s a reality and all the emotions that go with it.  I have a huge responsibility to my family. Getting my affairs in order is quite the job….but it’s all for the better…even if I don’t know what the better is.

So hang in with me.



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