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Oh how some days I love my mailbox!

Usually my mailbox brings junk mail, bills and work. I love work don’t get me wrong…but I could live without bills and junk mail.

I love opening my work boxes and seeing what treasure I will get to work on and add something more than the owner….I love the collaboration. I love that feeling when someone says you read my mind! Even when they couldn’t articulate what I was reading. That’s always a feather in my cap!IMG_4213

But today I got boxes from Laura. Laura makes many of my dream projects and she likes the same fabric I like…and this time around she sent me a trade quilt. Meaning I got a quilt top returned to me…..that is mine. well sort of…I am not keeping it. I promised my Aunt I would make her a quilt as a wedding gift. Yeah her first anniversary already passed…and she moved to Florida….however she just found out an offer she put in on a house was accepted so…I think I can get this done just in time for her to be able to enjoy it in her new home. YAY! I am going to add some borders to bring it up to size….My Aunt loves the ocean and any water. So I used a line of fabric by Tula Pink called “Prince Charming” All the water colored designs ( and a few others) and I purposely chose that fabric because she has been waiting to find her prince charming for quite some time. She waited 40 some years to finally get married and I just wanted to bless her with a nice gift. IMG_4221

I have seen this particular quilt ..quilted in many ways. I have seen it in many colors. But I am thinking soft way lines across the whole quilt or zig-zag..because I have seen several quilted that way and I love it. IMG_4216

Oh and I just need to make a bit of a correction from my INBOX post. It’s a nice story and all..but it wasn’t actually Albert Einstein that was that student.  So as far as I am concerned whomever it was was a smarter than Einstein. Just saying!IMG_4219



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  1. Jane February 6, 2013 at 9:38 am - Reply

    I have been admiring the swoon block since I first saw it and it seems every quilt I see made with this block I like more. This one is no exception. I love the fabrics you picked for this and can’t wait to see it completed. Sigh, one more quilt to add to the bucket list. LOL

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