My Life …and Organizing? Maybe?

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Hi friends,  i have so many quilts to post it’s ridiculous. And While I am editing those and loading them I thought I would write a post to catch up on my latest happenings.

I have so many it’s crazy.

You know how when you start cleaning one area of your house and then …..when that area is clean….you realize just how messy the area next to that one is? and then before you know it you have this huge project? It always gets worse before it gets better. I start in one room and it bleeds into like 3 more…and then once you get everything in it’s place ….The angels start singing!! At least in my head they do. LOL  I am haven’t heard the angels yet. I am still in the It-Gets-Worse-before-it-gets-better stage.  I of course can’t do anything in small ways… has to be huge. I also can’t do anything in a good time. But I often think is anytime a good time? I think not. There is always something going on in my life.

So we have had an empty spare room for a year….we have been trying to decide what to do with it. We don’t get very many guests that come to visit for any length of time. I need a place to film videos because if any of you have seen my you-tube videos …you’d know there is distractions. Cats, dogs, noise, & teens. ect. LOL so if I had a quiet room with less interruptions that would be great. But we do need a guest room now because I connected with my Great Aunt Bernice.

I will tell you more about that in a bit.

So I have been browsing my local FB marketplace. I don’t really buy a lot of household stuff. for one thing my house is stuffed with stuff….and we have 3 huge longarms, sewing machines and stuff to run the business that has really taken over. I hardly re-decorate. I don’t re-arrange things. Once it’s in it’s place it usually stays there for 10 years. LOL unless something comes in….or we need to paint ect. I am just to busy to be fussing with household stuff. I change out the quilts that I hang up…and if it’s a year that I host Christmas, I will put up a tree. But I don’t decorate every year. It’s so much work and honestly the boys hated it and they ruined it for me. It was torture trying to get everyone together to decorate the tree and listen to the guys complain. So I just gave up. Now I just do it when I have to…..It’s also usually my busy season for work. So taking time to decorate is less important than my work deadlines.

So the first purchase I bought was this hutch.

I messaged the gal because i thought the cabinet looked larger than a usual…so they could hold quilts. I was right! Score! It’s hand made  with real wood and it’s perfect for holding quilts. There are some drawers in the lower cabinets to hold table toppers and placemats as well. So this is stuffed with quilts. :)

Then I bought 2 of these black shelves to put in the empty guest room:

they are also handmade by someone..solid wood. So they are extremely heavy. But they also aren’t the standard size that they sell the fabric baskets for… which is perfectly ok.

I took a picture of this small area the other night because it’s the only part of the room that can be seen publicly right now. LOL

I bought that big “C” on clearance last year…for a couple of dollars at target. The cookie jar was my grandma’s….it wasn’t anything special. She got it at costco years ago….but she loved it and always had it on her table. So I brought it home. I put fabric in it. The picture is from Hobby Lobby but my friend, Mary bought it for me for my birthday. Behind the picture is actually a perfectly sized shelf that holds more fabric. :) Tricky–huh? There is a teeny-Tiny Vase next to the ginormous cookie jar…and my friends Faith gave that to me. She brought it back from her Japan trip. So it’s special. :)

You can see a  corner of a white hutch next to this shelf ….that was also another purchase from Marketplace. I will show you in a later post.  Again, Solid wood and I bought it from a fellow quilter. LOL I didn’t know that when I applied.  I also don’t have a picture…but I bought a fireplace mantel from a lady who re-purposes furniture. It’s so pretty. But you can’t really see all of it’s glory in our house because the TV covers it. But I still like it because it lightens up that area of my house.  I think I am getting an addiction to FB marketplace? I bought a sofa sleeper ( not from marketplace) to put in the guest room so that we can use it as a bedroom when we need …and a studio when we need. It seemed to be the best option. But I will show you pictures of the completed room when it’s finished.

So I also bought this vintage quilt at the Wenatchee quilt show. I need another quilt like I need a hole in my head. But it’s vintage and the cheddar is just amazing!

Here is a close up on the hand quilting:

I also bought a new ( to me Car)

It’s a convertible New beetle.  We named her ” Betty.”  I need to replace the cloth top…which won’t be an issue. But we got a good deal on it. Clarissa has the vintage bug that she got from Faith ( Clarissa was talking about how thankful she is to Faith for her bug over the weekend and it warmed my heart. She thinks of them as adopted grandparents… :)  ) Now I have the newer version that she can learn to drive in. :) I needed the A/C and perks of a new car. LOL So I have bluetooth radio, heated seats ect. haha! I can’t drive in a vintage bug, I am too old to live with out A/C. Clarissa approves of my purchase. We went shopping to get car seat covers ect. I don’t trust myself with cream interior. So I got black everything. I also bought a cute pink flower to go in my flower vase. Also her eyelashes have been ordered. So soon she will be all set. We are going to order her special plates as well.

So I know I have shared lots about my family….my broken family. The generations of brokeness and heartache is unbelievable. I turned in my DNA to ancestry a few years ago…for no reason other than Rob and I gave them to eachother for Christmas…and we just wanted to know our heritage. Thought it would be fun. It has opened up so much….in my family. It’s plain craziness….which just describes my family to a T.  We have a few people who were adopted and looking for birth family….and nobody in our family knew about them….there seems to be a common theme in my family: Men are wanderers with abandoned kids every where. Weak women …who need men for whatever reason. There is always some slight variation….but that’s the jist of it all.  This is my mom’s side of the family.  The other side has different issues…but wandering men is a theme on that side as well.  I actually like the new discoveries of people and solving the mysteries of who belongs to whom ect. I don’t get to wrapped up in the negative stuff because that would be depressing. It is what it is…and hopefully we can write a new story for these generations.

But in all of that I learned that my beloved grandfather had siblings. I found them. I had help from my Fb friends. I was looking for my aunt Bernice and I was having trouble. She lives 3 hours from me and I couldn’t find a good telephone #. I found a certain address that kept popping up… I put a call out to my friends and they had the same issues….but they also kept having the same address pop up.(I have the best tribe!) So I decided I would write a letter and hope I got a response.  I wrote that letter. I explained who I was and a little about my life …and I also included that I wasn’t looking for “anything”…you have to write that in my family. LOL. A few weeks later I got a response. Since then I went to visit her. She took me to the house she and my grandpa grew up in, the house where my great-great grandma lived and the cemetery where everyone is buried. It was amazing! she shared pictures, memories and information. I have been on such a journey these last few years of self discovery….it’s been amazing. Here is a picture of us during that first visit.




She’s a tiny little lady but full of spunk. Since then she has come to visit us. We talk at least weekly and we have plans for Christmas. We connected right away and I am just sure God brought us together. She has a deep faith and she was so thankful to have family. She doesn’t have any children, not married and all she has left is us and her 1 brother that lives in Ohio. So we came into her life and we adore her!

Life is so full of all of these twists and turns. I am always amazed at how God works.

So I have to get back to work ….I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Charlotte August 22, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Always love hearing about what you have been up to Charisma thanks for sharing! You are amazing beautiful lady inside and out! Thanks for always inspiring me!

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