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My favorite mornings ( always since I was little) was that morning when I woke up..looked outside and the ground was covered with fresh snow. So pure, beautiful and light. My happiest memories as a child..growing up in AK with snow. Snow mobiles, 3 wheelers, snow men, Snow forts, and SLEDDING! My brother and I would leave in the morning after an oatmeal breakfast and come back after dinner ..all day sledding.   If we could have gotten away with it…we would have lived on “Killer Hill”……Snow…beautiful Snow!

My dream wedding ( which I will never be able to afford) would include a snow season wedding. This picture would represent a beautiful backdrop for a winter wedding.  The only added perfect touch would be falling snow.

Thinking about the holidays and making lists. I honestly hate making Christmas lists. But I know they serve a purpose. Rob is on me like white on rice this year. Apparently, he has been pretty frustrated with the whole “Giving Charisma a gift” thing. Honestly, I just ask him NOT to get me a gift for holidays or birthdays. I don’t tell him not to get me a gift and then get resentful of him not getting me a gift…I don’t agonize over the fact that he can’t shop for me. Honestly it’s a non-issue.  I don’t have expectations. Maybe the first couple of years it would have been an issue. I have learned how to communicate with my husband. I have learned that he is not detail oriented and that he is never going to be able to shop for me and choose things I like. I am not upset by that at all.  I think the areas that he excells in… far outweigh the fact that I don’t have some grandious gift under the tree on Christmas.  Those types of things are not important to me.

Rob is truly my biggest cheer leader….he is my partner, my best friend and my biggest fan. Rob supports me through every thing and loves me more than himself. I couldn’t ask for more than that. Honestly. That’s more inportant than some wrapped gifts.  

Honestly…..the only reason I am able to shop for him and buy him anything at all that he likes is because his best friends (our boys) still live here and they tell me what to buy..otherwise I would always have just a short list of key items for him. It’s not because I am not detail oriented or that I don’t pay attention to what he wants. It’s just that his list is always short and simple. Rob doesn’t require a lot of things. Usually when he wants something he just goes and buys it so that kind of presents a problem..because he is never patient enough to wait for a holiday. He usually has his gift before hand. which makes it a little less fun for all of us. If by chance he doesn’t get it sooner than he is always able to guess what is wrapped under the tree..or he goes searching through my accounts..ticking me off!

The last couple of years I give him a budget to spend on me…he and the kids go shopping. They try really hard. I hate dissapointing them if/when I don’t like it. I hate that kind of pressure. Even when I fake it they know and it hurts their feelings. This has become a part of the holiday tradition. The only time this hasn’t happened is when I give him a specific list of things I want and they just get everything on my list…which isn’t real fun for them either.   A couple years ago they spent the whole budget on a necklace… was fine. It just wasn’t my style..I wore it for like 2 months. I took it off and recieved much greif anyway. Then last year it was a blueray/dvd player for my studio. I am just not that kind of girl..I would have been happy witha  DVD/VHS (old school )Player …like the one I had in there. I was going to take it back …until Rob told me it would hurt his feelings…so I kept it. I also wanted the Designing Women series..that was a whoel fiasco that went south…. and didn’t work out.

So this year Rob wants a mix of ideas and he wants to be in charge of offering me a “real” Christmas…with nice gifts that I will love. Apparently this is really important to him….so since it is important to him..I am trying to prepare a list and put items I really want on there. It’s kind of difficult. But he just wants to shower me with gifts…this should make a girl happy….and I just want to make him happy. But Do I NEED anything…no. I just don’t want all the hoopla that goes with Christmas. I am perfectly happy watching Hallmark movies and making dinner for my family. Spending time together and enjoying the day.

So her is my list ( so far):





I am kind of obsessed with P&P


Only in my dreams…but hey!





10. Candles. I love Yankee. Fresh Towels ( thanks to Jane) , Natures Paint Brush, Mountain Lodge, apple cider, anything baked.

11. Pens…I always need ink pens…some decorative ones that will let everyone know they belong to me.

12. hair ties

13. lip gloss

14. Chick movies.

15. Magazine subscriptions ( any quilting kind..I odn’t have any)

16. slippers ( memory foam)

17. Bath salts

18. lotion and bath gel

19. Hoodies

20. pedicure

21. Any of these in any color.

22.  Any of these in any color

23. Any color.



26. Headband






OK Honey Here are several different items I love….any of them would be fine. If you get to this list and any item is gone..I listed multiples…you couls also just choose a different color or something. Honestly I am not picky. Love you! I don’t want you to feel any pressure…but honestly anything on this list will get a genuine happy response. :)


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