My Bags are Packed!

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OK so originally we had the show days wrong and we thought we were supposed to leave today…’s tomorrow. Which is actually really nice for me because I have an extra day to prepare. I really hate that I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready….I really don’t want a cheesy booth. But I just have to work with what I could do in so little time. I have a collection of really bright colored quilts…so that works in my favor…thank Goodness ( in this case) that I seem to be attracted to all the same type of fabrics..LOL! At least all the ones I have done with “good enough” quilting. I also have enough quilts to show variety in other colors that will work together….Creme Brulee, heart&home and my vintage collection.  Yes..I am taking Creme Brule ( Jane…..:)) It’s so perfect..I have to share it…but I am giving you full credit for quilting…just so you know.

I stayed up late last night getting everything ready..and packed up.

Flyers are printed, business cards packed. I also made scrapbook page type signs to hang with each quilt.  I ordered banners for my next show…yes I have one planned for September and October as well…yes!

Here’s the news that will be announced ( it’s already on the ABM site) ….4 Gammil …yes… FOUR…..Gammil dealers..left Gammil (all at one time) …and teamed up with ABM international…YES!  So Jack Boersma of Boersma’s sewing center in Portland, OR is one of them. He will be at the show with all of his new machines. …..all types/sizes of beautiful INNOVAs. Can we say LOVE?

I learned how to quilt on a gammil…….I am glad I bought my Innova…..and I love(d) Venus (my name for her) so much I bought her a little sister named, Serena.


So I am going to update my schedule page right now with the future shows…I hope if any of you can make it you will stop by to see me!




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  1. Jane August 22, 2012 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    You crack me up! At least it is fitting as Creme Brulee was also quilted on an Innova! What a sales pitch for you, point to Creme Brulee and say “see this was quilted on an Innova and the owner had only had their machine for a little over a year, this was their 15th quilt” Well I don’t know if it was the 15th, or 16th but it was one of those. And I can say for sure I probably would not be at that level if not for my Innova and a huge boost of confidence from YOU!!
    I sure hope you have time to post some pictures of the booth. Good luck and have fun!

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