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I’m trying to type this from my phone ….could be interesting.

yesterday Brianna and I set out…..we made good time until actually getting to Portland then we got lost about 5 times.

We finally arrived in our grubby clothes and pulled back hair like usual.  When we got here everyone else was asking how come we were so late? And teasing us about getting set up. We are pretty fast at hanging some quilts.? And pinning on a quilt? Then I said to Brianna ,”how come everyone is so dressed up?”



its because the preview show started last night. We didn’t know we had to work from 6-9! ! Yikes!

No time for pics. No time for nothing! Bri and I raced down to car in parking garage and put on different clothes, make up and did the best we could with our hair. What a sight!


i can tell you I spotted Angela Walters. Yay!  Some stunning quilts (just breezing through) and  some cut throat vendors.  I am the only quilter. Some one has already told me I am at the wrong show ….it doesn’t seem like a good show to sell my services to other long arm quilters. Their is every skill level ….and I have to say I quilt for a lot of people who own their own machines. After all, this is also a show and lots if beginners.


well is time to get up and face the world.



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