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My life.

I think you just have to look back and laugh sometimes because it is what it is…and you just have to go with it…what ever “it” is. Right?

So I had to have a talk with my housekeeper yesterday…I thought it went well..until she left and called back. She is upset. I won’t go into any details…but I think I am a magnet for a certain type of people.

I got so much work done exciting I actually accomplished the goal I set for took me until 11:00 …but I did it! YAY! I had to buckle down and get it down while I had the momentum.

Bryce tried to break that momentum.

A few weeks ago I took wi-fi away from him. That pretty much makes his I-pod touch ( not shuffle) useless. Which I know. Bryce has a habit of dis-respecting me and telling me how much he thinks he contributes to this house…and he thinks I don’t do enough. I know this is typical teen mentality ( especially for his personality (disorder…not really))…but I just won’t accept that. So he has been living without wi-fi for a couple of weeks. I told him if it is so easy …..and I don’t owe him privledges. I contribute to this house so I can afford those options. If he wants access to wi-fi he can pay me a monthly fee…of 10$. he went through the roof. LOL He doesn’t like that option. So we had a discussion…..lots said. But one area I thought kind of funny. He is always a victim and saying how I treat him differently that the others..and I ask more of him ( hogwash…..I try to avoid him because his mouth is so toxic)….blah. I said “No I ask other kids to help me with things…ect…They don’t give me mouth or complain.” He said “Yeah because they are scared of you…..I am not scared of you”.

This is what is funny…..I think by that he means physically? I have not hit my children in spankings nothing. I take away privledges or give them extra chores as punishment. I said well they have good reason to be afraid of me…because they see what is happening to you. You don’t have wi-fi, drivers-ed, free car insurance, a car or a cell phone that comes with that car. You SHOULD be afraid of me because you reap what you sew. You are the one that doesn’t have a normal teenage life because you can’t get your act together, buckle down with your grades and quit talking when you just need to be quiet and do what I ask you to do.

I am sad to say I don’t think he got it or understood. He met every mile stone until teen years…so I don’t think there is really anything mentally wrong with him other than hormones. So he can just continue to blame me for everything. While he does that he can live without wi-fi and driving. :)

Can I say that that teen years is no fun?

Then on top of that our Pastor is getting out into the community and inviting everyone to church..just as he should….But he visits a boys ranch that is in our town. The boys are not from our town and they are rough kids. So these boys come into church …I think it’s probably the only outing they are allowed to have.

My oldest daughter is a magent for bad boys…Usually. So this guy comes up to her…(a big city gang member probably)…and asks her for a piece of gum..she hands it to him..then he takes the wrapper wads it up and throws it on the floor of our church….then asks her for her number. I think before he even knows her name? WOW. I am glad to say in this case she didn’t give it to him…why? She has her eyes on another guy at church. ( probably would have been given out..UGH!) Honestly, the other guy at church is a safe guy. he’s a good looking kid but very over weight. I am proud of her for looking beyond that…but they are both wounded this could be a bad combo. The good news is that I really think he is a safe boy. I think I wrote about his uncle threatening to talk everything away from him…if he were to date Jeri? Well Rob and I had that talk with her…and her friends have been telling her to date him under our radar..I heard her saying that she wouldn’t want to ruin his chances for education….awe!

There’s my girl!  Every now and again she listens..that doesn’t mean it won’t change next week..but I think we all have eagle eyes on them. I also had the talk with her about doing community college for 2 years before leaving for the university…so she could get her feet wet and have the safety net ( this was last week)  of her parents. She told me last night she decided to stay close and go to community college..I promised all the stuff to get her dorm room ready. YAHOO! I really think that will stick because she needs the safety net of her parents. YAY!  I erally want her to be successful and graduate from college.

Bryce probably won’t make up his mind until the last minute…college, trade school or military. Honestly, I think military..he needs the structure and kick in his pants. But I will support whatever choice he makes.

Carl will be easy going… if he needs to stay home it won’t bother me for awhile until he figures it out. Those 3 are my high schoolers right now. It doesn’t seem right? Kind of crazy.

well If I am going to complete my goals for today I had better get going. Have a blessed day!


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  1. Bambi Mayer September 12, 2012 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Oh man–you have my sympathy and empathy. We only have one child, a daughter who is now 30, happily married with two beautiful daughters (I’ve told her that payback is hell). I don’t know how she or I survived her teens. I lost my brains (in her opinion) when she was nine and didn’t get them back until she was about 20. Hang in there!

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