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Hi Friends,

I am getting really excited for Friday…I will be meeting Marilyn in person….{Bailey’s mom from QB}. Her daughter is graduating from WSU …Marilyn will be in WA state so we are both going to drive two hours to meet up! YAHOOO! A day of quilt shop hopping and meeting a friend! How exciting is that? Then it will only be a few short days until Market. 2 big things in less than a week. I have my grocery list prepared so I can buy all the conveniant foods that my family can make on their own without my help..LOL…sine they will have to run this ship on their own without me…{the Captain} LOL!


* I got some quilts done for the shop

*Clarissa had Ballet

*The kids worked on chores (cause I went crazy on Monday night..this happens every now and again)

It’s so difficult…then when I do go crazy and get their attention cause they have neglected their chores to long…..{that means I have neglected checking… they are mostly teenagers now..ridiculous!} I will say something like “Do you want to live in a rats nest?” It drives me bonkers one of them will say..”We don’t have rats here” Or one will say “You are freaking out for nothing….the house isn’t that bad.”     If they only knew….It makes me not trust myself because if they love living in filth ..what have I done wrong? They are killing me. LOL

*The kids didn’t like my dinner..they were wishing for Sabrina’s enchiladas again

* I went to Zumba …thought I was going to die because I had missed last week. But I made it through.

*I found a really cool pattern that I am going to alter and make…on my someday list. I already have the fabric too.

*I found this pattern as well…..I made this really cool “focus Pocus” quilt by Swirly girls designs a few years was a hit on QB…..well this is a more detailed version of the same quilt pattern…thought I would share cause it’s free. I know many people liked it.

Bryce & I have been battling lately. He isn’t getting good grades…he’s not doing his chores…he’s being lazy. He is also really working hard and perseverating over getting camp counselor position at OMNY this year. It’s a church camp that he has been going to for years.. he is finally old enough to be a counselor..but there are several people interviewing for the 3 positions that are available. It’s consuming him. I hope he gets it just because I know he will quit the program if he doesn’t..and it has been a good experience for him. But I also know there is a reason if not…so I can live with it either way.   So because he isn’t fulfilling his obligations at home I told him no more freedoms and privlidges. That includes Youth group on Wednesday nights. Honestly ..I thought he was going to explode on MOnday when I told him that. He is willing to give up everything except youth group. My issue is that Wednesday nights has just been “Fun” night. They don’t study God’s word or anything …so it’s not a big deal. Well this is the week they decided to start lessons. So now Bryce is telling me that I am taking God away from him. {LOL} Any sort of manipulation to get what he wants…right? I told him I would sit him down and teach him lessons about God..we would read our bible and what not…for as long as he wants. He then told me..I was not “qualified” ….excuse me? I think I am….I know God..therefore I am qualified. He said “Well you didn’t go to school like Pastor Walt…he went to bible college….you didn’t” ….OK first lesson he needs to know {My pastor is great and a Godly man…I and in no way saying he isn’t} is that anyone can go to bible college and study the bible that doesn’t mean they “Know” God or have a relationship with Jesus….

Next reason Bryce gave:

“Mom..without us in Youth group that takes away at least 5 people” Thats a huge chunk of people…and the church really wants alot of youth in the church. What if other kids stop going because we aren’t there? Also I think the church was really excited about how many of us were in youth group (YG)”

This whole time I am thinking that I am happy Bryce is thinking things through….I said “I am happy that you feel a sense of responsibility to the Church…But Honestly God can make anything the YG will survive with or without you” Next lesson.

Then he said “Mom we were just going to start al lof our community service activities and they will need people to do that…you like it when we are involved in those activities”

I said “Yes I love that….do your community service at home….then you can branch out to doing community service outside of the home” another lesson.

He said “You are just shooting down all of my “logical” reasons”

I said “you are not listening to mine”

So now I have to decide if I am going to cave and let them go tonight…they are all on pins and needles waiting. I feel like I atleast have to make them stay home one night…so they miss out and really realize how much they miss it when they aren’t there. So what do you think??? I am struggling.




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  1. Carol Amos May 9, 2012 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    I generally keep my parenting opinions to myself because everyone parents differently and there is no real right or real wrong answer. That being said – since you asked….I’ve always tried really hard to follow through on punishments. I think if you back down then they start to think there will be no repercussions for not following the rules. I also see no reason why Bryce couldn’t stay home while the other kids go to YG.

    • Charisma Horton May 10, 2012 at 9:52 am - Reply

      I know Carol…I think follow through is so important. Bryce was being the spokesman for the group. But we all made a plan last night for them to hold eachother accountable. The Pastor talked to them and we will see how the plan falls into place. So we will see how it works out for next week. Thanks for posting! I appreciate that.

  2. Amy May 9, 2012 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Hi C!
    Please send me a photo of you and Marilyn together! I am so excited for the two of you to meet. Some day we shall meet too! Have fun!

    • Charisma Horton May 10, 2012 at 9:50 am - Reply

      Hi Amy,
      I know I am so excited! I wish you were flying out with her! I will post pictures! Blessings! C

  3. Teresa S. Lowery May 11, 2012 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    How exciting for you and Marilyn…hope to get to meet you one day myself…( in person that is) I feel as if we have met and known each other for ever….have so much fun you deserve it…Blessings T

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