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Hi friends,
Well today was an interesting day..I would like to say I got lots of quilting done..but I didn’t actually. I actually left the house today..which was unusual…lately. Lol. But I still wore sweats.

Clarissa had ballet today and we had to pay for the costume for the spring performance..50$ …I thought I was going to choke…but we did get to see the costume and it is really pretty…I guess that the part of me that will make exceptions….I don’t pay 50$ for anything else we wear.

I had some blessed phone calls and conversations today. I just love how God brings people into my life at just the right time….to say just the right things. I love that my family and I are prayed for regularly by people all over the world….. That God lays on their hearts when I am struggling. It just offers so much comfort for me. Why…..because if someone were to call and ask if I was Ok…I would say yes…probably..because in the grand scheme of things I am OK….However…when I know someone can see right through my hollow voice..or words..well I guess I have to be honest right?

So much struggle today. But I have peace. I don’t have anxiety or doubt. That makes me feel good. I am studying what I need to study. But in just a short couple of weeks it looks as if my kids no longer have a youth group …and that we are looking for a new church home. I love all of the people…I love all of the lessons I have learned. I can respectfully agree to disagree…and leave without regrets. I feel I was lead to honky-tonk church for a reason and a season…but now I am to go elsewhere. I feel I can be put in controversial situations and come out with my faith in tact……but MY children ..well God gave them to me and trusts me with them. I feel I have to keep them at the forefront of my mind. They are my ministry.
So we all had a family meeting tonight to discuss everything. You know..I just LOVE my kids! They are so insightful and they just know everything. It goes back to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly. ( Thanks Mellie). They were so good about the conversation, they were not upset…in fact they were looking forward to change. WOW! I think I could learn something from them. The whole conversation was really confirmation for me. Really our relationship with God is simple. We need to keep it simple. I don’t want muddy waters. As my favorite pastor said…..Jesus lives in us. Since Jesus lives in us we are equipped with everything we need. We don’t need anything else. I get it. It’s pretty simple. My kids get it. I need to keep simplicity on the forefront of my mind. Love God, Honor God…love his people.

So I guess you all will get to hear of our new experiences. Change…I keep having to go through change…I better get used to this at some point right? Change is so difficult. Tomorrow needs to be a WORK day….I am getting so off track.

So the other thing on my mind is my health. I am sleeping now. YAY! That has been something that has been years in the making. I haven’t slept since 1996. now I sleep. 8 hours sometimes. Now I just need to start eating right. I need to exercise ….UGH! I just can’t even think about it. Honestly I want too..sometimes I feel the motivation….but I hold myself back. I don’t know what the breakdown in communication is for me. I am feeling better emotionally than I ever have..which is in my favor.
I am sleeping..that’s in my favor. I also logically tell myself…I will actually have more energy if I just do what I am supposed to do..right?

So it’s a goal ..not a resolution to take baby steps to make myself create better habits and be healthier. There I said it. I thought about taking a picture of myself in a bikini …NOT sharing it here ( of course…cause I want you all to read and look at pictures) ….but I think If I do that I will be harder on myself. So I just need to quit taking drastic measures and failing..and I need to move slower and build small habits that form life long health. So if any of you would like to share some things that help you..please share I am open to ideas.

So good bye for now..I will see ya tomorrow.

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  1. Karin January 11, 2012 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Well, let’s start off with what I saw was the most obvious change (but don’t hate me for not noticing it before) – I LOVE your new blog header. Who knows how long you’ve had it up – I usually read thru my RSS feed, occasionally click the link to add my 2 cents, so I hadn’t seen the header before.

    But, now that I see it – I love it. You know I’m passionate about purple (and pink) (and teal), and I love soft swirlies way more than points. And coffee’s not my cup of tea….so, I’m diggin what you’ve done.

    But, yes, change is always good for the soul & will keep you on your toes. And kids always bring a touch of reality to the mix. I’m happy the’ve accepted the challenge.

    As to your challenge, I think taking a picture of self in bikini is good inspiration – you’ve already inspired me to do the same. I never thought I’d be one of those old ladies in a bra’d swim dress, but here I am. And being in South Texas, we do go to the beach a lot more than you’d think. I can’t stand to see myself in anything tight or clingy, and brownies, cookies & buttered popcorn have a lot to do with that. This seems like as good a time as any to start taking those baby steps. Like having only 3 cookies instead of 3 sleeves, maybe. Oh, this is gonna be hard! Good luck to us both!

    I cannot WAIT to see my box o’fun!

  2. Karin January 11, 2012 at 2:48 am - Reply

    OH, and hooray for you sleeping. Yes, I’m posting this at 2:47 am, and no, I haven’t been to sleep yet. Ah well, such is this roller coaster we call life. :)

  3. Sue January 11, 2012 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    Charisma, I follow your blog because I find your quilting to be extraordinarily beautiful, but also because you are a woman of such wonderful faith and warmth.

    I have been where you are in the exercise department. I just felt drawn to write and say that I think where many of us feel beaten before we even begin is because we think we have to hit the ground running when it comes to exercise. (By that I mean, we believe we have to start with a 30-45 minute session right off the bat.)

    But we don’t! Realizing this set me free. When I decided it was time to get back in shape (though like you, for some reason I kept resisting) I decided that I would start with just five minutes a day on my eliptical. Mentally, as well as physically, that was very doable. And I really did do only five minutes a day for a couple of days.

    After a few days, I just naturally started adding a bit more time to my routine. Then I began adding a few more sessions to my day. Soon I was doing three ten minute sessions a day. So by the time bedtime rolled around, I had done 30 minutes of exercise – yay me!!

    Because I started very slow, I always looked forward to my exercise time – I still do! I’m getting 30-45 minutes of exercise now almost every day on my eliptical and I still break that down into two or three sessions a day. (That’s just what works for me.)

    Anyway, I hope this might be of some help to you. I find it’s all in how we look at things. I know that in many areas of my life, when I look at the whole, big picture I can easily feel overwhelmed. I’ve learned the key to most everything is to break it down into manageable “bites” and suddenly it seems so very doable! :-)



    • Charisma Horton January 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm - Reply

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you so much! I think you are so right! 5-10 minutes here and there isn’t a big deal right? Totally manageable. I am going to start today…..By the way thank you for posting and all your kind words.I think that’s why we are all here to share our insight with everyone and learn. I think the 5 minute plan will work for me at this point…then I am not overwhelmed.


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