Monday’s Crumbs

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Well I knew I had much toget accomplished today…as I do everyday..I wish I could really plan my day in a realistic manner…does everyone else do that too? Make a list of everything you need to get done and accomplish like half?  Yeah that’s me…somedays I can actually get everythig on my list done..but those are rare..those are like my Super human days when everything goes my way! LOL But if I were to actually list out everything I did get done..I think the list is still pretty long compared to I just need to get over myself.

I had to drop the car trailer off this morning…honestly I hate doing that stuff..for one thing I can’t drive a trailer ..I mean I go go forward…but if I have to back up..forget it. So I took it to the place I had to return it…I am so paranoid….I am eyeballing every peron in the place…I have already had contact with one of the guys (pervert) and I didn’t want to have more contact…so then I park my car in the back…apparently in the wrong place…so I ask them to  please drive my car ..because I would  have to reverse…but I don’t want to be in the car with I hand over my keys….forgetting that I left my purse right there..wide open with, checkbook everything..UGH! Then I get another guy telling me he will process my paperwork….so then he asks me if I want my first receipt back…I said “No” Kicking myself…because instead of throwing it away he folded it and put it in between some books on the counter. weird. He had all my info anyway because the final reciept had all the same info…I should have told him I wanted that back..but I freeze in these uncomfortable situations and I feel like my mouth is paralyzed or something. It had all my husband’s info on I am sure he knew I wasn’t “single’ but gave me the creeps anyway. Next time I am making Rob do it….I hate that vulnerable feeling.

Besides that uncomfortable moment in my day I did manage to accomplish all my errands…quilting…and shipping.

Speaking of that Clarissa was a happy camper today..her clothes finally came..YAY! A couple weekends ago instead of dragging all my kids shopping in a town an hour away….which used to be ok until they got older and pickier……now the thought of taking them shoe shopping sends shivers down my spine….we decided to just give them a dollar amount to spend on-line…it takes away the frsutration…and it actually saves money..most places offer free or discounted shipping….so we don’t have to pay gas …lunch or dinner money …just the clothes/shoes. Clarissa happened to find what she wanted at Sears….and her box was the last to arrive..waiting all weekend just about killed her…everyday last week the kids were patiently waiting for the deliver people …checking to see if their boxes had arrived..LOL No quilt love….just clothing love.  So today was a good day..she has her hot pink and black shoes..and sparkly jeans. Can I say how much I love the elastice pants sizers in kids jeans these days? Clarissa bought skinny jeans I think..but she is so dang skinny…that they sag on her..but she has to buy that size for her height. so we pulled those elastic things as far as we could on each they fit better..LOL. I of course I  already think Clarissa is prettier than me (which is what all mom’s want right?) ..but I also think she is going to get some height (from her Dad’s side of the family) which is such a good thing… then she doesn’t have to deal with short chubby legs like me…..Hopefully she will take after that side a bit more..then she doesn’t struggle with weight issues as much.

Bryce is just itching toget into Drivers Ed now..LOl he is wheeling and dealing…I have already been burned once…He has a hard time getting up for school as it is…and now he wants to take a drivers ed class that starts before school…I have my doubts about that ……trust..ugh! I think he should do it in summer…then he doesn’t have to balance so much…but it gets tricky because he spends a big chunck of time at his dad’s house…so he will have to figure that out. But the new mustang has kind of put a spring in his step..he wants to learn to drive in that car…and he wants to convince Rob to let him buy it after it’s fixed up..LOL. We shall see.

Jeri had a choir concert tonight….Trina picked her up and took her. They are so late…and I struggle sitting there when I have so much going on……so I am glad Trina is always willing to take her. Jeri’s Boyfriend also showed up to watch her. I am kind of stressing about that a bit. Jeri’s BFF is no longer ( this month anyway) Jeri doesn’t talk to anyone now except her BF…That could easily become an unhealthy monitoring very closely…..How the heck am I going to do this with 4 kids in high school at once? I will need to pray everyday day for 3 hours just to make peace within myself is how!

Well I better get another set of pictures posted…


Carolyn sent this quilt. The pattern is called “through the looking Glass”. She requested gold metallic thread…which is beautiful. Several of the fabrics she used had metallic gold weaved in them so it was appropriate. I quilted feathers, Continuous curves, Charisma Curls….and swirly feather flowers….I love those..the whole quilt is very beautiful!










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