Monday Morning……ahhhhhh

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Well I was up early this morning…5ish I think? Whatever time my DH left for wrok. Cause he’s not real quiet sometimes and he wakes me up. I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I got up to get some stuff done.

I have to say church was great yesterday. The sermon was about marriage, divorce and the breakdown of society. We are working our way through Matthew …..I kind of knew it was going to be about this topic….but what was really funny is that Rob and I kind of have these FB battles… maybe they are called the battle of the wits. It’s kind of funny but our Pastor was in on one of those by acccident…LOL and it lead to a funny place. Well we have had quite the laughs at church about all of our inappropriateness…and another man at church even played a small tick on Rob and I..which gained more laughs.  So we spent a couple of hours after church having social time yesterday..I have to say I just love our close tight-knit family there. We can be ourselves…and have fun.

I am trying to get everything done and ready for the show..I have so much to do between today and tomorrow…’s a bit crazy…but that is my life.

I am purging lots of stuff from the house..which also feels nice. It seems like we can’t do that enough… do we get so much stuff? Honestly? I wonder if it’s just because I have a big family? or does everyone just suddenly realize they have a ton of stuff? We haven’t moved in 9 years….so maybe that’s the key? If you move alot you get rid of stuff? LOL I don’t know?

Well today is a day packed full….and I get to baby sit my Pastor’s son for a few hours…to get that baby fill…YAY!


I hope you all have awonderful day!


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