Monday…June 4th.

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Well Last night we had our community BBQ at church. Can I just say how much I love our new church? This was our second BBQ and it grew ALOT. We had so much fun. we always do at church functions.

The cops were even called…cause we had a contained fire…and loud christian music. The police officer was kind and said we were fine…but neighbors get a bit testy. We live two blocks from the I am pretty sure I know who called. {She is a bitter woman with nothing better to do than yell at kids and call police. But that’s just an assumption of course…. we need to LOVE her regardless} But how rowdy do you think a bunch of Christians can get? in  church parking lot? come on.

Well news on my GK today. She was transfered to St.Lukes rehabilitation center. That is a really good thing. She will be in rehab…and they will get her mobile and able to take care of herself {for the most part hopefully} I am hoping when she gets home she can handle things herself…and she will just need support for Doctors appointments and such. Pray for her, please.

I have been overwhelmed and not myself again. Just wondering what is going to happen and hoping she can get well….well enough not to need lots of help. Not because I am not willing to do my part….just because I want her to have quality of life…and because I am not as close as I wish I were…to be there for her regularly. So we shall see what happens.

I had a discussion with Bryce about his drivers license. I had originally told him he won’t be getting into drivers school until he gets good semester grades. But with the recent changes with my grandma…he can be an asset to help her/me. He visits his dad every other weekend..which is in the same town as my Grandma. So if he has his license he can take her grocery shopping , do her laundry and help her with anything that needs doing… I told him I would own his license until his grades are good….so he will be working for me. I will pay for his gas..and insurance. He said he understood and said he would be willing to help me and grandma out. So I think I like this…he gets to help family, get to know his great grandma better and become my errand boy. LOL  Great arrangement. Of course he wont be able to actually drive until the end of November..but it’s good to get our ducks in a row.

Well I had better go finish the quilt I am working on…I am trying to get a few more of my own done ..Beth is coming tomorrow and she is all caught up on binding…Can you imagine that? LOL.

But I have a personal list of quilts that I woudl like to have done for the show….and 2 of them are pretty big. and One of them I want to make a scalloped border…I just need to get it all done…


Anyway…I hope you all have a blessed night!









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  1. Deb in Japan June 5, 2012 at 8:22 am - Reply

    That’s great news about your grandma. And a good plan for Bryce.

    My mom came home from rehab last Thursday after 4 weeks. Her Dr put her back in today. At the recomendation of her home health nurse. She can not take care of herself. Mom is talking nursing home.

    I will keep your grandma in my prayers, pleas keep me and Mom in yours.


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