Monday Jan 16th 2012

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Hello everybody,

How was your hoilday? ( if it was a holiday for you?)
Mine was relaxing. Rob had to work…we bought a new/used dishwasher…so the boys took it to the kitchen for Rob. When Rob got off work he took Carl and himself to the salon for haircuts. They needed them ….badly.
Well they had to wait a long time…and the gal wasn’t nice. He says this every time he goes. I am not sure why he goes to the same place every time? Other than he is a creature of habit and he likes to complain. So I guess this gives him something to complain about which is nice because I get a rest from the normal complaints. Hehe. Rob and Bryce are BIG complainers..I swear they would complain if someone handed them a million dollars.

Anyway back to hair cut..I get commentaries texted to me during the waiting process. Then when he gets home he goes about his business of installing or not installing the new DW. He asks me, Do you notice anything different? I looked at him and said : Did you shave your eyebrows? He said the stylist did. I said: Oh did she ask you? HE said :no. She just did it. Then he made a remark like …you know you are getting old when you have to have your eyebrows shaved….then she started shaving his ear hair…LOL. I should send her a HUGE tip! LOL
So I just chuckled. He then proceeds to tell me what a prime choice of American Meat he is….oh brother!

Well our faucet has been leaking for quite some time…Rob has found the issue…so tomorrow he has to rip out all pipes and hoses of the kitchen sink..replace them and then he can hook up new DW. Of course. Nothing can be simple around here….right? It’s Murphy’s law.

Well I finished the bargello quilt and then pinned on a quilt for a gal who lives in Walla Walla WA….say that 5 times…hehe. Buts tarted working on a Christmas quilt that I was suppose dto have finished in December for my quilt group meeting.
I am just a bit late. What made me feel bad it that one of the other gals was rushing to get hers completed….because I had said we were supposed to have it done….and where was mine? LOL Ummmmm in my studio under a pile of fabric. I just need one more border and it’s done.

Well I should sign off..I am tired and need to get some bible reading in…I hope you all have a great night!

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  1. Sabrina January 18, 2012 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Hey you—-you mean you are getting the Christmas quilt done without me???? Don’t worry—I told Kim we were pretty happy with ourselves for making her work like a dog to get it done and then we did nothing—we laughed pretty hard about it—at least I did!!!
    So I almost fell off my chair laughing about Rob too—you tell him he is a Hunk of Meat!!!
    I read your blog backwards—so I also had to laugh about getting a treadmill in your studio—but like Virginia said—we’ve been unbelieving in the past but somehow you make it happen.
    So we will have to talk later about the PLAN O.K.????

    • Charisma Horton January 18, 2012 at 5:55 pm - Reply

      Hi Sabrina,
      I missed you at breakfast last week. I hope you are feeling better. Oh well I am glad that Kim was laughing and not taking to heart how we made her work like a dog..LOL. She will probably never listen to me again. Poor gal ..I feel bad for her today in all the snow. Dear Rob…well you know how he is…trickster every day…full of witty comments. *eyeroll* I have lots of plans..LOL. we will talk!

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