Monday April 9th

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It doesn’t seem possible…in just 5 weeks I will be in Kansas City..for quilt market! YAhoo!

Today I worked on meal planning for the week. I have been trying to use all of our freezer food…I want to get a new freezer…so now that is empty! YAhoo. So now I am trying to use food in the cupboards just so I can restock them with everything new. I just like to do that every now and again  ..that way everything gets used. It’s good on teh budget now…but itwon’t be in a few weeks when I have to hit costco to fill everything up again..but doesn’t that make it a wash?  Anything to justify the costco trip..LOL.


Today Beth’s friend came into town and brought me back two of my! Thsi one I didn’t get pictures of before Beth picked it up so I am excited to share it.

It is a local pattern called “Navaho Rose”….I made it with a moda line called “Origins” It’s so drastic..I just had to make something with it.

I sent this to Darby for quilting..she did a wonderful job..I was so surprised too..because she didn’t tell me when she had quilted it…she posted a really close up picture of this quilt on her blog and I didn’t recognize it..LOL I had just visited her blog before the box arrived. It’s kind of sad that you can’t really see much of the quilting on this quilt because the fabrics are so busy..but the back shows the quilting very nicely.

Darby always does a nice job…and she is fast!

Thanks so much Darby! I love my quilt and I will be putting it in our local quilt show this summer.

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  1. darby April 10, 2012 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    Wow…the quilt looks great with it’s binding on! I’m glad you’re pleased with the LAQ! Thanks for letting me quilt it:-)

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