Modern Blocks

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Sandy sent me this quilt ….it’s a gift she made. I love the modern look and feel of the pattern and fabric choices. She hasn’t made many modern quilts ( I think she said that?)…can we say LOVE? ( I wish I didn’t love so many things)

Sandy requested an all over type of a design….that worked out great for me…so we decided on all over swirls. I used a charcoal gray thread that would blend well with all of the colors.

All over swirls in different sizes  because :

1. I am human I can’t manufacture perfection..therefore different sizes on purpose is the best.

2. Different size swirls looks the best because it adds interest.

Is that why human quilting is so nice? Becuase it adds interest? ( am not a hater of any quilter…just sayin my true love is human quilting)

Anyway Thanks so much Sandy! always a pleasure working with you! I hope you have a blessed Holiday!

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