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Today I woke up and decided to just let it all go…..but I had to know what we were looking at….there was no news report in Spokane, WA. So I called the courthouse to ask what my sister was charged with and her plea. I was wondering if they would give me the info….but they didn’t even ask any questions..I know it’s all public records.

Anyway She has been charged with: 1 degree kidnapping, 1 degree rape and 2nd degree robbery.

Thank GOD! I was really thinking that she would just get 2nd degree kidnapping because that’s all the news reports have said…:) If that was all she was charged with she wouldn’t have to do hardly any time at all. I know that she has lost to deal with and there are lots of variables…but she’s looking at around 9-10 years…Of course if she cuts a deal or something it could be less. Honestly, I hope she does have to serve that long. There are so many things wrong with this case…She’s been an addict for more than half of her life, she doesn’t have compassion for others… she is involving teenagers in her business. The longer she is off the streets the better the streets will be…and it will give her time to think about her choices.  My brother is still in hiding. What a joke! He hides in plain sight….but they just haven’t pursued him, I think. I think there is plenty more to the story that we don’t yet know. Her trial date is set for July 1st…but of course that could change as well..you know how fluid the court system is.

The weather is unbearably hot. We are making records here in WA…and our central air is broken….figures. Our dishwasher is also broken. I think if we just start calling one of our kids “Dishwasher” at least it won’t break down….what do you think? Nobody will volunteer for that I am sure.:) Of course Rob’s car is still down as well..we are waiting to see if it will be fixed by the last guy who repaired it…there should be a warranty still on the part. If not rob has to do it.. he’s hoping he doesn’t have to.

I also received a great box of goodies today. A fellow long arm quilting friend of mine sent me some presents. It’s so fun to get those! She makes homemade soaps & lotions. What fun! Clarissa staked her claim on a few of them..and we both smell pretty!

I am not sure if I told you all i got a new sewing machine?

Creative sensation

My LQS is now a PFAFF dealer. You can find the website here  . Anyway My old machine ( janome) broke down..it’s been a long process I have taken it back 3 times..the guy tells me nothing is wrong with it…it doesn’t sew…and the bobbin keeps flying out. I have cleaned it…oiled it…everything. Nothing is working. So I am going to eventually take it to Spokane or Wenatchee and have someone else look at it. But it’s ten years old..it’s been a trooper. You all know how much I sew…LOTS and LOTS! and even more so before I had my own long arm. So the poor gal has had her fair share of labor.  So anyway….I got the “Creative Sensation” by Pfaff. It’s AMAZING what this machine can do. It is by far more than what I need for a machine…but it’s ok. I deserve it. I will probably sell my Janome embroidery machine…since the Creative sensation does both. Then I will buy a little passport to take with me  to classes or whatever. So I am dreaming of that —-as my 50$ singer from wal-mart clunks along as I sew…ugh! LOL But those days will end…SOON!

I also got some pictures from a few ladies today. They are sewing projects for me…..it’s so nice to have these done….instead of sitting in a “to-do” pile. My gift is long arming..so why not barter and get the best of both for all of us? SO I always look forward to those photos and get excited that I am making progress even if I am in a slump! Love that!

well On that note I beet get some more work done.

Have a great night!








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