Mid Week update

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I hardly believe it’s Wednesday already. It has been a long week in some ways and short in others.

I am having a hard time staying focused. After Monday of next week all of the hard issues from the past will be over ( well the legal parts of it anyway) and I can go on about my life again..without a cloud hanging over.

Jeri failed her drive test last week so she has to take another drive tomorrow. Praying she passes because it’s 40$ every time she takes it. She is also struggling with her grades again. UGH.

Bryce is also struggling in his math class and they just instituted a no late work policy. I am excited for that! They need to start preparing them for college instead of spoon feeding them and not holding them accountable. Needless to say kids are never happy about that.

Clarissa has been pushing her boundaries. So she has been getting lots of privileges taken from her…which she is not fond of. But She needs to learn.

The other three boys are doing great..same as usual..no troubles..hassles….life is good.

I had all of my financing ready to go for my surgery and I was going to book my date for April. Well the financing company won’t pay for a doctor in Mexico. So I just filled out another application to see if could get financing through a  company who will…if not I will get a personal loan…or wait until The end of summer when I can save the money myself. I am not a fan of that plan..but it is what it is.   I don’t want to get to far into April because …Jeri has prom, graduation, and all of that stuff..I don’t want to be in recovery/rest mode when I need to be planning and working at all of her important life events. I don’t If I wait until Summer (if I can’t get financing earlier) I can pay out of pocket and not interfere with any important events.Plus two of my aunts have said they would be willing to go with me and get the surgery done as well if I wait until summer..fall time frame. I have to say it would be nice to travel with someone else. So we shall see. I know I have been fat for a long time..but the thought of waiting 5-6 months seems like a long time.

the outpouring of love and support has been wonderful about the surgery! Thank you all so much!

The good news also is that if I lose weight the chances of me becoming pregnant is also greater….Although they want you to wait 2 years. Maybe by then I will feel to old to start over? Rob will be 40 by them and I will be a few years from 40.

Rob is working on creating some channel locks for my machine.He took them the parts to work today so he could get them all put together.  If I were to buy them through the company it’s like 800$ or some insane amount of Money. He is making me some and it has costs less than 100$. I can’t wait to try them out…and I have plenty of quilts to test them!

Other than that I need to get some work done…I know I say it all the time. Hang in with me.






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