Mid week is over…..YAY!

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Now we are approaching the homestretch…right?

It seems like it has already been a week and we had a short week! But I have to say I am really proud of myself for staying focused….I have gotte so much work done..my studio is a disgusting mess…but hey it’s a toss up. LOL I will have to clean it soon…but it’s hard to be creative and tidy…right?

Well maybe not for some of you.

Anyhow….I am excited to post some pictures tomorrow…I quilted a 30’s quilt that I fell in love with today..I wonder if Phyllis will notice if I don’t ever send it back…Do you think? She is actually from my DH’s Hometown…she knows his family…Small world right? So I better send it back…Don’t want the family getting a bad reputation. :)

Anyway….youth group was tonight..we only had one extra for dinner…and while I was making dinner ( a good one)…Rob asked if he could take me on a  dinner date with the rest of his spending money …. ( he gets a certain amount every week that he can choose to spend on whatever…that way I don’t get upset when out account is nickled and dimed at Mcdonalds or the gas station) We ate at Subway cause that’s all he could afford..I got a 5$ sub and some water…but it is really about the date..the alone time..the talk time. I think it’s sweet…kind of like when you are in high school and dating on a budget..right? Anything for us to be together for 20 minutes.  I told the boys that they had to finish getting dinner ready cause Dad was taking me on a date..They said “Oh where Mcdonalds…that’s all he can afford” LOL I said “No, Subway”…they laughed..that’s not a “REAL” date. Well I am glad I taught them well…and they will have to pull out the fine china for their future dates…but when we have 6 kids in a family…fine dining goes out the window (sometimes) and you get what you get!..LOL

I was so excited after youth group…I usually take a bunch of kids home..and then I talk with Bryce and Cole on our way home. Honestly, I usually let them start the conversations…I don’t bring up anything cause I want them to take it where they want it to go..some days..I don’t want to go there..other days it’s really good. Tonight was a good night. The lesson they had was a good one that has them thinking.   Part of it was thinking about their sin, their {our} sinful natures…how we need God to conquer sin…and the more we give in { to sin} the further we are from God. The pastor told them to think about what they feel their biggest sins are…and think about repenting of them…he told them what that was ….and I have to say my kids ROCK! They totally explained it all to me….If I were not saved I would have understood. They totally get it. They even told me what they felt their sins were..that they needed to work on. They were really honest…and for them to share that with me. Well it makes me cry {not in front of them of course). It makes me feel so special and that they trust me.  On top of that they were really talking about God’s plan for them. They are struggling with what it is..how to listen and how to hear God talking to them. They are becoming adults. I explained that we all have that issue at times….there are certain things we can do to be in tune….and we fall away ..over and over again…but we just have to get back on the horse. Every single Christian has the same issue. They are not alone.

One of my boys ( I wont share which one…for privacy reasons) told me he is having issues with “lusting after girls”….I know that is so honest. It’s really a pure honest  thing for him to say. I explained that that was natural….that he is not alone..and that is his cross to baer. As it is with most men..we talked about Sampson, David and men they know in their own life…which takes us to their Dad. They know all about the downfall of our relationship….it’s just an honest talk. We had to explain things to our kids…{during counseling sessions because they struggled with our divorce …years after the fact..I think especially since we are all friends now…it was hard for them to understand how Landon and I can still love eachother and be around each other..there were a few other things as well}

They are worried about their dad’s salvation. Landon and his wife are not saved.  They want to work on him. LOL I think that is really the greatest gift they can give him {and themselves} ….and I am really so darn proud of them…..words cannot express.

Bryce is really struggling with who he is….what God has in store for him…and how he should listen. He is ending his freshman year..so he has years to figure it out…I know it will go to fast for me…but he said he is thinking Teacher…..Lawyer or wait for it ….Pastor. AWE!  Can I just say I almost fell out of my chair?  I have always told him he would be an amazing leader…I have no doubts about that….I know this is not iron clad or anything…and he is still young..but if he did become a pastor I would be over the moon! I would actually just be over the moon if all my kids were believers….and taught my grandkids.

But honestly of all my children….Bryce has the most anger…..he has the hardest shell…and sometimes his personality is like sandpaper. The flip side…he is an amazing teacher/leader…..his insides are all goo…he will be the first ( even as a teenage boy) to give me a hug and tell me he loves me …{even in public}…..and  when he wants to he can turn sandpaper into charming…I have no idea how …but he does. So if he can really rely on God to soften those rough edges…I can see him do anything he wants.

Cole was honest as well….and it’s hard for him to open up to me…even more so than it is for Bryce. Cole bottles everything up..and I think he is a peacemaker…he doesn’t want anyone to think less of him..or think he can’t handle anything on his own….he doesn’t want to upset anyone…he would hate to hurt me…so he is  generally quiet..but he opened up tonight and shared everything….spending that time with them..is like watching a flower grow and bloom….( I can’t think of a good explanation that would apply to a boy?)

God planted us right where they needed to grow…..This Pastor and youth group leader are really just doing what God has called them to do..and they are helping my boys on their Godly path. I am so thankful!

God is good all the time!




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