Math Team Competition

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"Tebow style" I LOVE TEBOW because he is a CHRISTIAN! Good role model for my boys!

Big Man, Medium Man, and Small man(Preston)
The winner!
My Math Team RockSTAR!

Preston once again had the state Math team competion….he works really hard ..every week studying math…competing and bonding with his team mates.

Landon made the drive over to watch the event…Rob and I took the rest of our family. We had to drive to the big city so we made a shopping trip as well. Costco…you know… budget blower…lol. But it saves us money in the long run…right?

Parents only get to view a few rounds and then we all get to be there for the  awards ceremony. Preston Placed first in the school last year…and 3rd or fourth overall for the state. Which was AWESOME! I actually started crying…( one of the other kids’ mom saw me and started crying because I was crying..LOl) I was so proud of Preston. Honestly…but to kind of make it about me..I was just so happy at the time that I was a good enough parent to give my child the opportunity to be on a math team..and provide him the chance to get that title. Because of my childhood..I have always felt I was at a disadvantage ( as a parent) and I didn’t want my kids to suffer because of that moment I realized..I was a good mom..I have provided a different life for them and they can achieve all their goals if they work hard and put in the time..It really had nothing to do with me…but them…him. He worked really hard to get that title. He did it!  Just like I did it! Those things weren’t going to define me..and I can’t define him…he is on his own journey and I  am just here to guide him and love him. That math competition had a profound imapct on me and I wasn’t even in the competition…funny how that goes?

So this year…I went into the competition with

Faux Hawk..Kind of hard to see

a  different outlook..nothing was do or die…and I was relaxed..cause i already know my kid is a “ROCKSTAR!” LOL.

This year he didn’t place in the singles category…..but his team…our team scored highest in all the divisions…YAH!!! How awesome is that?? The good part is that the girl that did score the highest on our team…and in the overall competition..YES!  She is our good friend’s daughter….and she is a really good girl….her twin brother placed 6th overall…so he was uber excited. Their mom couldn’t be there so I was texting her the play by play…Her family has been through lots many issues…and she started bawling because her kids deserved it! I started I felt like I was the one this year watching the winner’s mom cry with pride.

So the team apparently voted on what color shirts they wanted for the competition…BRIGHT pink! They were awesome! Nobody else had that color….and they each had their own team nick names put on the back of their shirts. You could spot their team mates a mile away! Preston’s BFF  Gavin is the biggest guy on the team…so his name is “Big Man”. Preston’s Name is “Small Man” Cause anyone looks small next to Gavin…and their other friend is “Medium Man” LOL. I took pictures of them…they had to pose, Front Side and Back side & “Tebow” Style…Preston is the one with a  big Smile and a Faux Hawk. He is smart and Cute ( or pretty as I like to call him …just to tease him) and an amazing athlete….I am blessed to have such good kids! Oh and the front of their shirts say “Dear Math, I am not a therapist! Solve your own problems! LOL

Math Team 2012……I am so PROUD!


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  1. Teresa S. Lowery February 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm - Reply

    Tell Preston congratulations!!!! Great Job!!!
    That shade of pink is my all time favorite color….Hope this finds you well and Blessed. T

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