Mary Englebright….Pinwheels and Roses

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Well years ago..I thought I would make a ME quilt. I had this genious idea of doing all HST’s make pinwheels….I quickly got tired of those…so I started it and then they sat in a tub for years ( probably 2005??) Then in 2008 or 9 I decided to finish the quilt. even though I used lots of bright colors it still felt a bit blah to me. So It sat in a tub..I thought I could applique vines and posies on it…someday. But the further and further along I get I just feel like I want them done. It’s not inspireing to me as much anymore..and it is better to have a finished quilt than an unfinished quilt. So I used this to practice the layout of some designs…using pinwheels & HST’s. The fabrics are so busy you can’t really  tell there isn’t a specific pattern…so it served a purpose and I get to cross another UFO off my list. YAHOOOOO!

Yay ME!

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