Market Part 3

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Well I remembered after my last post that I didn’t finish the first day of market…because I went to several booths and met some people…just a few you may recognize. First

Tula Pink.

I went to a school house class of hers..and got a sneak peak of her quilts. I have to say she is HILARIOUS! Some school house classes were “YAWNERS” So much in fact it made me think of those medical insurance meetings I used to have to attend a lifetime ago when I billed medical insurance for a living. Can we say painful?…I don’t think anyone can say that about Tula.  Tula was funny, energetic and nice.  I am just sure she would fit in with me and my girlfriends….
She isn’t like some of the others…she has tats and kind of the edgy style of dress. Which I think makes her real. I love real. She isn’t changing herself to appeal to anyone. IMG_5200

The funny thing is that my friend Sabrina….who I think is one of my biggest fans…thought Tula should know who I was..and introduced Tula to me. My face was bright red..and I tried to explain to Sabrina ( she is so sweet) that I am a nobody. LOL   But Sab just knows how I adore Tula’s books and fabs….so she just wanted her to know…I suppose?


Do you all have Tula’s new book? 100 Modern quilt blocks? I have news on this later…..stay tuned.IMG_5202 IMG_5201

I also absolutely ADORE Angela many of you know..and also adore her. She is down to earth…just like us. She is also willing to share and help anyone around her. which is a true definition of success. I was just going to look in her booth and see her new line and look at her wonderful quilting…..she recognized me and gave me a wonderful hug! I went back to her booth the next day for some ink….LOL. She was drawing ( with marker) quilting designs on people….it was fun. IMG_5214

I am not a real fan of having my photo taken….or shared…but I am showing this one..cause well ..I need to get over it. LOL Do you like my pink streaks? Pretty wild for a girl like me…? That’s the best it’s gonna get. I can’t see myself wearing leather or tats….but hair…heh…it washes out.

IMG_5197IMG_5196 IMG_5195This was Camille Roskelly’s booth. I couldn’t talk to her..she always seemed busy and I didn’t want to interrupt. See how weird I am…..isn’t that why they are there?

SO there are a few of the many people who are there. The people that inspire us..and create beautiful things so we can turn them into beautiful things…and gift beautiful things. It’s amazing that so many gifted, talented people can be in one area. And to think I get to be a part of it…I get to surround myself with this everyday rather than medical claims..Can I get an AMEN?!!!






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  1. Ginger May 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm - Reply

    Just found this quilting board from seeing the Cross Quilt on Pinterest. Do you have a pattern for that quilt that I could buy. Would love to make it for a fund raiser at my church to be auctioned off. Thanks for your time. Ginger

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