Market Part 2

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Well today I have unpacked, sorted and started putting things away……..I have so much inspiration…I want to start 100 new projects….but my inner self is saying….NO! Finish some other things first. I have so many bindings to put on the charity quilts and UFO’s. I really need to get crackin’ on those.

Anyway…..I don’t even know where to start really?

Friday was the first day of market. Thursday night before market starts they have “Sample Spree” We pay 15$ to stand in line for several hours before sample spree. ( for the record I did not do that…I opted to have dinner at Red Robin instead….I just love their fries) I showed up about 20 minutes before they opened the doors to sample spree and waited out of line…it’s INSANE! These People ( mostly Women) RUN into the venue to find their wanted items. Sample spree is basically where several vendors set up booths and sell samples of their products so that shop owners can go home with a snipet of fabric and patterns…at wholesale ( no minimum order) so they can make a sample or show off the product. The only table that I did not see was the Moda table because it was push and shove only…I am not an aggressive person and buying fabric was not that important to me. My shop always buys I know I will see it eventually….who cares if I have to pay full price’s only pre-cuts and I am not a huge pre-cut fan. I prefer yardage. All of the other tables were perfectly fine and there was no scramble to get in and get what you wanted. I liked the Lecien table and the Art gallery table. The prices were good….I got a bundle of half yard cuts from Angela Walter’s line called “Textures”….but her new line is not yet available…but her new line is called “Legacy”.. it is just as beautiful. There were several bundles of other fabrics I really liked…and Art gallery fabric feels so nice…it’s hard to pass up….but I was trying to have restraint..cause fabric isn’t really what I need. At the Lecien table I bought a fat quarter pack of a line called “Sugar”. My shop rarely carries this brand of fabric..and I love most of their fabs. So I thought if I really wanted it..I should get it. They gave me a really cute bag to go with it. IMG_5230

But do I think I “need” to go to sample spree? Probably not..I think it’s a mad house and I am not all that excited about fighting people off. So I think it’s perfectly fine to go in after the crowd has died down a bit. I also won’t wait in a line for 5 hours to get inside..that’s just craziness.

Friday I walked through the market.. it was set up kind of funny. Many people were not crazy about the set up…we kept getting disoriented. They usually have everything lined up the same…and give several regulars the same booth numbers..ect. This year they didn’t. It was set up in kind of an L shape. Several exits and entrances…and confusing.

I didn’t make any purchases this day…..that I can think of? Oh yes I did. I bought this line of fabrics: IMG_5231 IMG_5232

OMGOODNESS! this fabric is so cute! They had the cutest patterns to use them but had sold out…..Mike got one of he is going to send me the pattern ( when he’s finished…also I will probably be the one to quilt his quilt…so pics will be coming…someday.)….and you all will just die it’s super cute!  I also bought a beautiful scarf from this company. But I thought I would show that price tag if you wanted to visit them on Fb or their site you could have the info. Here is a link to their blog. (p.s. I got them all half price….wholesale! YAY!)

The quilts on display for a quilt show..was not huge… didn’t take long to go through at all. I didn’t even take pictures of my most favorite? I think I was distracted by looking at them. ? I am not sure? But here are a few:IMG_5137 IMG_5138 IMG_5139


Then this one:IMG_5140 IMG_5141 IMG_5142All pieced and quilted by hand…amazing work!

IMG_5143I loved the colors in this one…especially the purple sky.

IMG_5145IMG_5176 IMG_5177

This next one is STUNNING!IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5180

There were several others….that is just a bit.

We finished off this night at Chang’s Mongolian grill. Faith, Roger and Angela met us for dinner …we had a great time and ate plenty of food. We went back to Faith’s house for lots of sharing and sorting. I will be back tomorrow to share what I did on Saturday…..It was a much more exciting day!







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  1. tisha May 24, 2013 at 5:53 am - Reply

    Wow wow wow that creme de la creme is beautiful. Your fabric purchases are lovely as well

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